Electrocompaniet and cables....


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I just became the happy owner of a CDP Electrocompaniet EMC1 MKII and a stereo-preamp Electrocompaniet ECI4.7.
I had this ABX test running at home with some audiophile friends.
We first used DH Labs Air Matrix rca cables to connect them, then we used MIT MI-330 Terminator XLR cables.
Oddly enough, the RCA cable sounded much better, more open, more precise.
Through the XLR, it sounded as if the sound was going through a bottleneck. A lot of strain.
Any explanation ? Maybe some advises, what XLR cables do you use ?

Nic Rhodes

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It is not a cable thing:( it is how most manufacturers deal with balanced signals, they fake it.


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Can somebody be more specific on Electrocompaniet's gear ?
I mean, it's supposed to be a High-End brand. Isn't it ?
Will anybody sustain in this forum that EC's balanced in/outs are fake ?

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