Electrics - would this be safe?


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Hi all
In planning on how to put a 32" LCD onto a plasterboard wall I first need to see if my plan for the electrics is possible.

The LCD needs to go onto a plasterboard wall at the bottom of the bedroom. There are no sockets at that end. As their is an en suite there I cant just turn the bed round :(

So could I use a multi plug adaptor like this:


That would go into the socket by the bed. This would allow one for the clock radio, another for a hairdryer and the third to trail a 5M twin extension socket to the bottom of the bedroom for the sky box and LCD.

Is there an alternative and is this safe? (the trailing extension could be hidden down the back of a long wardrobe)


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The alternative is wiring another socket in but the extension and that adaptor will be fine.:thumbsup:

I have 3, 4 gang extensions all going in to one socket and it's all good.:eek:


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Electrically it will be fine but I've never liked socket blocks that hang directly off of the plug socket as the weight of any plugs connected (particularly any transformers) can prevent the plug sitting properly in the socket causing loose connections which are the cause of fires. I would much rather have a trailing socket on the floor hidden away somewhere without any strain on the wall socket. :)


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You do need to wire them in, but its not difficult, just remember to turn the power off first! Obvioulsy if you aren't confident doing it yourself, get someone in who is.

Its just a case of removing the original socket and replacing it with the clipsal one, they have fixings that allow them to mount using the original single gang back box.

Other than the new socket standing a little further proud of the wall, you wouldn't know it had been changed.

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