Electrical interference on tv when watching Sky


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I have a Panasonic TX58AX802B I have sky tv which is connected via a 4x4 matrix over cat6 HDMI extenders the cat 6 cable is Excel. Only when watching sky I get electrical interference eg turning on the light switch, the extractor fan in the kitchen even the ignition light on my gas hob. I don't get it on other sources eg Netflix just Sky tv. Is there any way stop this interference screen momentarily flickers or turns black for split second.
Any help info much appreciated.


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The obvious things to try are swapping out cables, changing switch ports, using ferrite chokes on cables and so forth. Given that this seems to be Sky only that's affected, you could try swapping out the cables one by one to see what happens just on that feed/route. It sounds like a shielding issue of some sort to me. HDMI cables can cause all sorts of problems so something shielded may fix the issue.



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Sorry for very late reply yes had 5X new double sockets up for my sky ps4 HDMI matrix bt phone etc in my cupboard upstairs
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