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I had an install done in my flat early this year (started in Feb and still going on due to various problems). It included full AV cabling to every room in the flat and new inset lights into the ceilings. All the equpiment is stored in an equipment cupboard which has meant a huge number of sockets being installed in this area.

I recent learnt that new regulations came into effect in January that any (more than very basic) electrical work being carried out in a residential property needs to be inspected and comply with strict electrical safety performance standards.

The company who did the install never mentioned this to me and now Im worried that I may have a problem when I come to sell the property if I do not have the appropriate certificates.

Any advice as to what I need from them (if anything) would be greatly appreciated.




what colour was the cable as the new colours came out recently ie brown and blue instead of the red black twin and earth


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All the AV Cables appear to be grey, not sure about the lighting.

Sure, I can say it was done pre 2005 but that's not really the point.


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Basically to comply with Part P you will need to get a certificate of conformance from an NIC approved electrician.

I will be coming up on this as well, as i am about to get a part rewire perfomed by an NIC trained electrician who does not pay the fees to be allowed to approve part p style activities.

He is arranging for an electrician with certification to come and survey the work when he finishes, and issue the cert.

As long as you can get access to view the work then it's probably in your best interests to get the cert.



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