Electric projector screen is noisy......



Ive recently bought an adastra 120" electric screen,now the first few days where ok,but after that the screen has become noisy,as in squeaks etc when in motion.....

Has anyone had this problem?with their screen?

At this point its become really annoying.......

I have the same issue. noise when it comes down is very irritating. screens can suffer from that generally. Mine is a different brand to urs. When it goes up it makes no noise however..
Even expensive screens like beamax and grandview which have high quality tublar motors are noisy.

Tubular motors make a sound when used. Adding to this are: the resonance and vibration from the housing, which depend on the way the housing is fixed, the material onto which it is fixed, acoustics of the location where the screen is fixed etc.

A squeeking noise however it not a good sign. These can be indications of the bearings not being greased enough or misalignment (which can be caused by transportation damage or manufacturing errors)

It is possible for these issues to become apparent after some use only.

I would talk to the supplier and arrange a replacement (if necessary) or a statement that continuing to use the screen will not cause any problems.

Good luck,

I think alot of noise issue with some of the syncronous motor are due to alignment because of the way the motor's are held in place it, is possible for, them to move slightly specially, in heavy transit.

Tublar motor's are superior by far and my noise comment was not a criticism of them but just an observation.



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