Electric guitar and amp for 11 year old beginner


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My 11-year-old son has decided that he would like to learn to play the electric guitar. He plays the piano really well but has not learned the guitar before.

He is going to have some trial lessons and, if he shows that he wants to continue, we want to get him a guitar and an amp. We don't want to spend a fortune in case he gives up further down the line but we don't want to get anything that won't last or sounds crap either.

Can anyone recommend a guitar and amp which may fit the bill?


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Find a local music shop, as different playing styles suit different instruments.

If he's into grungy lead guitar, a Fender Strat copy and practice amp will be a good starting point. This: LA Electric Guitar + 10W Amp Pack, Black at Gear4music is the sort of thing, plus some sort of FX pedal to give distortion and delay / looping.

Blues and more rhythmic guitar might suit a hollow or semi-hollow body guitar. They cost a little more, but give a totally different tone.

At 11, a 3/4 size instrument might suit, it depends if he's a big 11 or small 11!!


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Yamaha Pacifica are highly regarded for beginners, great quality for the price and usually setup well from the factory (£149)
Yamaha Pacifica Guitars | Gear4music

If he's into pointy metal style guitars, Ibanez are great in that price range. Good quality with thin necks, easier for smaller hands (£159).
Buy the Ibanez GRG121DX WNF | The UKs best Ibanez Dealer
^^^ guitar above has a fixed bridge (hardtail) as apposed to a tremolo bridge (whammy bar for vibrato).

Most Fender Strat copies have non-floating 6-screw type trem bridge, they're fine for beginners but avoid 2-point floating ones (trem bridge on this Jackson) as they're awkward to keep in tune.

Also avoid guitars with Floyd Rose trems, they float and need strings locked into place with nuts/blocks.

Difficult to recommend an amp without a budget but Blackstar Fly 3's are surprisingly loud for their micro size, really nice cleans with a bit of delay and enough overdrive for rock (£49).

Had a Fly3 for quick practice/noodling before getting a Boss Mini Katana, this has an extra distortion setting for heavier sounds, again really impressive for its size. (£81)
BOSS Katana-Mini Guitar Amplifier

Something with a few more effects, Fender Mustang

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Yep agree with what the guys have said, one thing I would say is if you buy one of the big brands (Epiphone, Squire, Yamaha, Ibanez) you will have no problems selling on. Cheap guitars are remarkably good now anything a proper music store sells should be playable.

A lot about playing an instrument is wanting to pick it up so take him to the shop and let him pick. I’d suggest having some contingency just in case the one he wants is a bit more.


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Too bad you're on the other side of the pond. I have a very nice outfit I'm selling. I used to play guitar and I thought I'd get back into it but it didn't work out. Age and disability stopped me there.

The guitar and amp is NOS and I made upgrades to them.


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A strat copy is probably your best bet, something like a Squire. That being said, buying a Mexican fender might be within your price range. Strats tend to be more forgiving and easier to learn on than a Gibson LP.

The most important thing is to make sure the fella likes the look of the guitar, because if he doesn't like the look of it then it won't be used as much.

Check out Andertons on YouTube for some more advice on guitars.

As for amps, Blackstars will be fine.

Best of luck.


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Thank you to everyone for all the sage advice. On Saturday, we went to our local music shop and came away with a Squier Stratocaster and Fender frontsman amp package. I was initially inclined to get the slightly more expensive Yamaha Pacifica bundle posted above, but decided that this was one purchase where the ability to seek support from a local shop would be preferable to having to deal with issues with an online retailer.

My son has already had two lessons - he loves it and is showing great determination to progress. Thank you all again.

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