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OK, currently I can plug my electric guitar into the line in of the sound card on the pc... nice, but a little quiet, I have to have the sliders all the way up to hear it at a reasonable level - and I do mean reasonable, not loud!

So I am thinking I need a little inline pre-amp just to bring the gain up a bit so that it's easier to play along to my mp3's... So I started digging. I have come up with some fabulous pre-amps, major names and quality, incredible effects all with the accompanying heartstopping price tag.

Does anyone one know if such a thing exists? A cheap but reasonable pre-amp just so that my guitar is a bit louder when plugged into the line in of the pc sound card.


I'm pretty sure theres a boss equaliser/boost pedal available, which may have enough gain. Otherwise do you have a mic in socket ?- this will have more gain (i believe) than the line in.



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This is the same situation as people wanting to plug their Guitars into their amps.

They seem to say that you would need to buy a phono stage as it has the correct voltage or something like that.

Just do a search for "Electric Guitar" and a few results will come up.

Hope this helps.



I'd have a look for an old Zoom unit or something similar on E-bay.
Alternatively, if your guitar amp has a headphone socket then run that to the line in of your P.C.
Whatever you do though, don't put your guitar straight into your Hi-Fi amp - the speakers would not last long.

Boss pedal may work but most are simple line level jobs, you need a pre-amp to boost the signal really.

Hope that helps a bit.



""Boss pedal may work but most are simple line level jobs, you need a pre-amp to boost the signal really.""

I've used the boss eq/booster straight into my hi-fi amp, and can vouch it works......phono stages also add an equalisation curve to the signal so can be ignored, as they're non linear...

btw why cant you put your guitar straight to your hi-fi amp? - never done me no harm(except crap no reverb sound;) )



Not sure why it's a bad idea, I just know that I've blown plenty of Hi-Fi speakers doing it. Guitar amps are cheaper and never blow on you. Well, not as often anyway.
I play through two Marshall stacks now. I run in stereo via two 2x12s. I wouldn't want to play that loud via my hifi.

Good call on the Boss pedal, I didn't know if it would work or not.


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