Electric current flowing (through ME!) when I touch case of Yamaha R-N602


Hey all!

I have 2 Yahama R-N602 amps in different rooms in the house. I had noticed on one of them that if I touch the case of the amp at the same time as the CD player I'd feel a burny tingle of electricity flowing through me. Not an electric shock as such, more like a constant flow of electricity.

I initally put this down to some weirdness with that particular setup, and vowed to not touch both the units at the same time. However, I've only just discovered that exactly the same thing happens with the same model in a different room.

I've put my multimeter between them, and it detects an AC voltage of about 2V, but no current. It's not the most sophisticated of devices though.

Has anyone came across anything like this before? I'm guessing it's not something I want to leave unresolved!




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I’m guessing one of the units is earthed and the other isn’t.

It’s likely that there is a voltage difference of a lot more than 2V if you can feel a tingle, but with a very limited amount of current available which is why the meter reads so low.

You could try connecting a wire between the chassis of the two units but if they are already linked together by audio cables it could conceivably lead to an audible hum loop.


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It's not dangerous. The Yamaha is an unearthed (double insulated) design AFAIK. The main transformer within the chassis of the Yamaha creates a weak magnetic field (EMF) around it which induces a small voltage into the surrounding metal chassis.


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Most av components are not earthed these days, but they are still safe. The chassis, which is metal, rises to a potential voltage due to capacitive effects. The same will happen to other components, and is quite normal, but the potential might be very different. You will be able to detect this with a light touch on the metal.
Firstly, if the cd player has a two pin plug, you could reverse it. This might change the potential to be similar to the av amp. If the tingle is still there, there is nothing wrong with earthing the component chassis together. They will be electrically isolated from the signal earth so you won’t have any trouble with earth loops.

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