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yeah i'm actually thinking about this

this console is turning me into a more all rounded gamer
i'm planning on getting this, super monkey ball and tiger woods (of another golf game) all of which i'd never have thought about otherwise


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yeah I read that review yesterday and am now very tempted for when it comes out here in the UK.

Seems like a nice bit of fun, again another game my better half may also wish to play.

Te Bheag

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Yup, one for me on pre-order from Shop.to so hopefully it'll arrive same time as the Wii from Amazon. :lease:

Demon Luci

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Is this game out on Friday (22nd Dec)? I want to buy it, but online sites seem to be quoting different release dates up to March 2007!

It would make a great xmas present if actually out on Friday.

RDB :)

Te Bheag

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I hope it is 22nd, as I've got a pre-order in and was expecting it this week..:rolleyes:

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Cheers. Ill judge for myself with this one, too much difference of opinion these days i reckon.

The Fuggler

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I know we can't paste the reviews for copyright reasons, but if I guess the Eurogamer score can someone tell me whether I'm right or wrong. Think of it as Eurogamer: The Panto.



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Apparently, this has been renamed to Eledee's (sounds like LED's)

I read it on GameCentral on TeleText.

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