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Elac Cinema and pipes

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by edwinbradford, Feb 22, 2003.

  1. edwinbradford


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    Hi, thanks to the forum for advice this week, I've had a look around and am about to go for the Sony STR-DB1080 AV receiver which was so highly rated in What HiFi Sound and Vision with an Elac Cinema system. What I thought I'd do is buy the Elac Cinema XL, about £360, then at a later date when hopefully the price has dropped and they've been reviewed properly, get the Elac Pipes/ f20s. It's all for use primarily with Games Consoles, not too much with music and hardly ever with DVDs, in a small room where neighbours are a factor.

    Things I don't know are is this amp OK with this speaker package? Does anyone know anything about the pipes, and now to throw a spanner in the works I've found a company called Canton who appear to do a similar product, how do they compare?

    As far as hearing it goes it looks like I can forget it, it's hard enough trying to track down these things and what I've found is that when you do they're usually available online only or boxed in the shops. Cest la vie. Best forum I've found for audio - congrats.

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