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Just trying to make a simple decision based on the room i have setup for tv/movie watching.
Looking at a bookshelf with good decent bass for watching movies/tv and obviously music. Hooking it simply to a Denon 510 for the Samsung 8000.
I won't have the room for a sub, and own Paradigm 3's that have 8" woofers that sound great, but the size of the speaker is massive for where it would go.
Right now, with a $70 difference, could get the Elac B6 or the KEF Q300 which both drop down well with bass.
Elacs of course are getting phenomenal coverage on how good of a 'budget' speaker it is, problem is no one around me carries them to listen to.
Any input to which people prefer or if you have one the other what their thoughts are.
Thanks again.


No comment on the other speakers I have not heard them but the ELAC B6 are very good at 2-3 times the money and sub is real nice with these given what they are but they're not bad w/o sub as these go . Just note a decent 6.5" woofer wont *usually move air like a decent 8" woofer but there are variables of all that also.

A decent 8" powered sub is not expensive or large l and can sound terrific with bookshelf speakers and a modest 5.1 system depending on the room volume and room gain ,in fact often better than two towers with these ELAC B6 or any decent bookshelf , with a sub the sonic gains of large towers are diminishing returns .

I have a new pair of ELAC B6 on pedestals for LR/F in a 5.1 configuration with a Sony ES 7.1 HT AVR getting optical from the wall mounted 55-X850C 4K HDR TV in here with my other rear surrounds ,center and powered sub and lossless 2.0 music optical up to Hires 96/24 MQA and 16/44 Tidal streaming and my 24/41 and 16/44 from this new PC or my media drives and Android Kodi in the TV .

The Sony ES HT AVR in AFD mode on 2 channel PCM *below 24/96 will add in the sub channel and allow the usual HT AVR EQ /surround modes ,sound fields and so on and so on but I just use the 2.1 with bass and treble on music and its quite good for what it is .

If you want EQ and so on at 24/96 or beyond in this Sony ES 7.1 AVR it will need an external DAC and analog into the AVR or just a straight analog audio path from a hires media player ,sound card or whatever .

24/41 and decent 16/44 is plenty fine here as long as you can get a good recording/mix at that . I downrez Tidal 24/96 to 24/48 and its fine given my selectins there were mostly digitized analog recordings or 24/41 to start anyway .

This is my space outside of the family common area larger rooms so a modest 8"or 10" sub is more than enough for movies or music unless you are a dedicated pro sumer monster HT build person .

Playing a CD rip of Capitol records "Meet the Beatles" remaster 2014 now it has the original mono tracks and the midcentury "popcorn stereo" Capitol Records reprocessed tracks the cognosetti thought were blasphemy back them and maybe now but they all sound fine , they did not compress the re master for uniform loudness or suicide loudness and it's all decent .

I have a dedicated near reference 850 wpc 2.1 system with 2 subs in another PC game /drive sim /music room with modest acoustic room controls , these little ELAC B6 & the sub and brutish 30+ LB heavy Sony ES HT AVR in here work well enough that I can stay in here and not feel slighted when the family wants to use that room which is often .

Caveat being these ELAC B6 will take every bit of 120 WPC at elevated levels but decently clean and may not be the ticket with an inexpensive lightweight 18 LB HT AVR or lower power & budget amp at elevated levels but at lower levels 50 WPC may be fine .

I would recommend these without any reservations beyond decent amplification, placement and maybe a sub given they are bookshelf speakers but they can do 42Hz - 20 Hz decently if that works in any given room without a sub and they are remarkably clean at full range without a harsh high end .

I set the ELAC B6 to large speakers and cross the sub at 60Hz for music and 90Hz for TV & movies at still large speaker setting on B6 and small seting on LR/S and center and it's the best for *this room and my other speakers in 5.1 and TV /movie use .
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