EIV go Blu-ray OFFICIAL!!


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oh well, Universal may be (blackmailed) not releasing in BD, but thankfully many other companies know it's a great format to invest in right now.



Entertainment in Video have announced their support for the Blu-ray Disc high definition format with the release of seven blockbuster titles on 13th August 2007. Priced at £24.99 each is a collection of titles that include some already available in other regions: The Departed, Phantom of the Opera and Million Dollar Baby, others that are exclusive to HD DVD in other regions: Brokeback Mountain and Lucky Number Slevin and finally those which are all-new to high definition: Gangs of New York and The Crow.

At this point in terms of tech specs we only know that you can expect 1080P Widescreen transfers on the main features and all extras in standard definition. Extras are detailed below…

Gangs of New York
Director’s Commentary
Set Design
Exploring the set of Gangs of New York
Costume Design
History of the Five Points
Discovery Channel Special: “Uncovering the Real Gangs of New York”
U2 Music Video: The Hands That Built America
Making Gangs of New York

The Phantom of the Opera (2004)
The Making of Phantom of the Opera
Production: Swarovski Featurette
Special FX Featurette
Music/Recording Featurette
Production Design Featurette
Costumes/Make-Up Featurette
Editing Featurette
Alex Bailey’s Production Stills
”Behind the Mask”: The Story of the Phantom of the Opera
The History
The Music of the Phantom of the Opera Featurette
”The Phantom of the Opera”: Steve Harley and Sarah Brightman
”The Music of the Night”: Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman
”Wishing you were Somehow Here Again”: Sarah Brightman
Look out for hidden extras!

Million Dollar Baby
”Born to Fight”
Producer’s Round 15
James Lipton Takes on Three

Brokeback Mountain
On Being a Cowboy: Actors discuss their preparation for their roles
Directing from the Heart: Ang Lee
From Script to Screen: Interviews with Larry McMurty & Diana Ossana
Sharing the Story: The Making of “Brokeback Mountain”

The Departed
Additional Scenes with introductions by Martin Scorsese
Stranger than Fiction: The story of the Boston mob – The real-life gangster behind Jack Nicholson’s character
Crossing Criminal Cultures: How Little Italy’s crime and violence influence Scorsese’s work
Theatrical Trailer

The Crow (Collector's Edition)
Commentary by Jeff Most and John Shirley
Deleted Footage and Extended Scenes
Profile of James O’Barr
Brandon Lee’s Last On-Screen Interview
Poster Art
Production Design
Storyboard Sequences

Lucky Number Slevin
Making of Lucky Number Slevin


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Wonder if EIV might now lose their very 80's logo from their boxes :D

Edit - no they haven't!!!


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Bad news for us Blu-Ray region A hardware owners if the discs are locked into region B.

Hope this is proved wrong and that they are region free! :lease:


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Good news for the format and the future - although I am not really interested in any of the films mentioned (Sleven is a good film, but I wont rush out to get HD variaty)


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Don't EV distribute a lot of New Line stuff over here?

If that's the case, with New Line being format neutral, it's no big deal:rolleyes::D

Their packaging was pretty much the worst ever on the DVD cases anyway:rolleyes::rotfl:

Nic Rhodes

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I had a quick look at the EIV cat (listed in the war thread) and of the 12 I like (from 57) unfortunately at least 8 of those are available on HD DVD (and I have most if not all of them already) and 1 is on Blu-ray region A that I have already as well!!!! and of the other 3, 1 has been announced dual and we wait to hear about the last 2. So much for exclusive discs!


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Don't EV distribute a lot of New Line stuff over here?

If that's the case, with New Line being format neutral, it's no big deal:rolleyes::D


It is a big deal. Mass-market is not achieved by hardcore HD-DVDers who simply just support one market. (North American). A market which Blu-ray is winning and gaining share, so don't take HD-DVD support just a little too much for granted! ;)

Also EIV distribute certain Sony, Universal and Disney titles here!


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Oh well, hopefully it will even up when Fox/Disney announce format neautrality:smashin:


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I watched Lucky Number Slevin on Sky HD last night and was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it.

As it has now been released on UK Blu-Ray, has anyone watched a copy?

I am particularly interested in the video quality as I thought it was generally good on Sky HD with some really excellent moments.



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From what I've heard so far the EIV BD's have been quite poor. :thumbsdow


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Quite poor discs. Shoddy artwork and locked into Region B. I shall never have to buy a EIV disc again!

And they don't allow HD viewing via component. Not very tempting prospects really these EIV discs.


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Also no HD soundtracks if Gangs of New York is anything to go by. Actually 3 titles had DTS-HD Phantom The Departed and lucky number slevin.

Romero ;)

Dont these companies know that if they want to suceed in this market their discs will need to be going for around £10.

Who the hell are going to pay £25 for a disc?

I personally would think even at £15 each this would be expensive given SD Dvds are usually around the £5-£8 mark

Blueray or HD DVD..... they will all lose if the prices of their discs dont fall.


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I have Lucky number Slevin and the departed from EIV (brought from sendit for about £15 each) and i'm quite disappointed with these bluray discs compared to other companies.

The productiuon values of these discs are awful, the menu system is functional but looks cheap, even the way they've done the copyright screen is annoying.

The pq in slucky number slevin is good though.

Less impressed with The Departed pq after hearing such good things with the US copy. i may have to get a copy of the US one to see how it compares.


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Wonder if EIV might now lose their very 80's logo from their boxes :D

Edit - no they haven't!!!

:D Ok - lets have a competition..there must be a few creative dudes who use this forum.. let's see if we can come up with a more 'up 2 date' option for them and do a sales pitch who knows we might get an AVforums discount for our troubles..



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The pq in slucky number slevin is good though.

That's the feedback I was looking for, thank you.

Can any other owners confirm they also feel the same way as there are no reviews of this movie on Blu-Ray yet?

I'm actually not that worried about the menu presentation, extras etc as long as the film itself is showcased well.

However, in that case I'd consider it a "budget" disc and wouldn't expect to pay anywhere near £25 for the movie alone.

If others confirm that the PQ is as good as you say Freddie, then I'll be probably be looking for a retalier selling this at a significant discount.

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