EIV and there dvd cases


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i think its an absolute disgrace the way this company is given some great titles and then completely screw up the cases and in some cases the actual films :mad: has anyone seen the crow dts r2 :zonked: or the lord of the rings :rolleyes:


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R1 The Crow is even worse... but I agree, they are still stuck in the video tape world when it comes to DVD artwork. Their covers rarely use the original poster art, they are covered with quotes and look like they are made by a blind person. By putting quotes on dvd's they don't make people buy them, they put people off buying them because they make people think "this film must be crap to need quotes all over it!" Honestly, who cares what the joe bloggs thinks of a particular film. The easily take the prize for making some of the worst covers in history. The cases they use also arn't genuine amaray, some cheapo clones.

Lord of the Rings isn't too bad though, at least they didn't change the artwork.


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the 2 disc r1 crow imho is better than the r2 2 disc special edition and why they felt the need to zoom up on brandon lee i dont know.


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Said it a million times before: EIV = :eek: :mad: :thumbsdow

Always buy the region 1 version :smashin:



the ultimate dvd collection has to be another rubbish sleeve candidate...as jeremy beagle says HOW DO THEY DO IT, you think easy... they get a 10 year old to design the sleeves

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