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i got the Eh50 this week and set it up this weekend, wonder if anyone could help me with some questions - struggling to find answers in manual!
(prob me!!)

1. is it possible to set the player up to automatically switch to the appropriate signal, from what i can see you need to manually switch it between nstc and pal.

2. when recording onto a disc (+r) i cant seem to be able to see how much room is left on the disc?

3. i tried to record some music videos from vh1 via my telewest box and got the error messge "cannot record source as it is copy protected/prohibited" (something like that anyway!), - is VH1 protected (I would have understood movies or sport possibly) or is it a problem with the player, connections?

if anyone can help that would be fandabbydozy!!


1: Why switch to NTSC? if you put a PAL disc in the machine it plays in PAL, If you put a NTSC disc in it plays in PAL 60 both of which TV's should display correctly

2: Try pressing the status button a few times, it should display the remaining time. Haven't tryed this as I dont have the EH50 so I cant record onto +R discs

3: Cant help you with this one, I only have freeview
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