Egreat M34A - A long, informative, text + video review !


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Ok, so I have the eGreat NMT M34A already and i decided to give you guys a long review..for you to decide wheter to buy it or not:

First, here are some pictures I took:








Now, this is my setup:

The small eGreat is at the bottom on top of the DVB-C STB...and the 1TB Seagate SATA II USB2.0 HDD is on the left. I have the NMT connected through HDMI on the front panel of the TV. My TV is a Panasonic 42" Viera Plasma, is 1080p, 100Hz and supports 24p, and has HDMI 1.3. The eGreat is very small. When booted it up, it had October 2008 firmware installed. It was smooth. But i plugged in a FAT32 2GB USB stick, and updated to the February FW version. The HDMI output worked flawlessly from start, just like the fw install. It took about 5minutes to update, then it rebooted. The boot-time is about 1minute, affirmitive. But, I dont really care. In the mean time, the logo shows up and i can bring in some snack while it loads. Voila, it loaded and i connected the external drive. It took 15 seconds to detect. Now i went to the setup menu and set the video output to 1080p, 23.976fps...and the framerate sync to NTSC/PAL/ that point i was all set. I had alot of stuff i wanted to try, so i started:
1) DVDrips (.avi - xvid/divx, audio mpeg/ac3, with external .srt subs)
i tested 4 files, didnt have any problems at all, all played fluently, subtitles synced, default white color, pretty...what impressed me right of the bat was the ability to actually sync the subs yourself if they should be off-synced. Also, you can adjust the subtitle size and color while playing. The subs i tried were in Czech and worked no problem, no bad symbols or anything. So, i was pleased, eventhough i did expect it to work fine.
2) Round 2...i went to Movies - 720p (.mkv files, 1280x720, with multiple subtitles and dual audio)
I tested about several files... i tested Dark Knight (AC3 5.1 sound, h264, bitrate around 10Mbps, internal english subtitles, file fps: 23.975fps)...nice picture even on "full screen zoom"..(default is "fit to screen having bars on top and bottom, which is completely fine). It played smooth. Then i tested Matrix Reloaded... again, same specs, bitrate this time around 14-20Mbps. Again, no problem. Then i tested Transformers.2007... same result..then i went for a cartoon...tested Transformers 1986 movie... looked really really crisp, my eyes almost hurt, this time the M34A won again.
3) Round 3...i tried Star Wars Episode stuttering whatsoever, good job
4) Now i went to try trailers, which were all quicktime .mov files in 1080p with AAC sound, from Apple..Star Trek trailer, Disctrict 9 trailer, Transformers 2:revenge of fallen trailer.... all of them worked well, the Transformers trailer had external .srt subtitles in yeah.. mov+subtitles works... there was only one issue... when i played it, it lagged...the bitrate was 17-26Mbps...i thought it shouldnt and you know what was the trick? I only had to pause the file for a second and then resume it, then it played completely fine. Dont know why that is, but it played great in the end, so why bother thinking?... Picture was great, no need to comment.
5) Now i went to TV Shows...random files..some .avi, some .mkv
I started off by testing cartoon shows... from resolutions of 320x240 up to avi, it played great. I tried also a dual audio file with OGM audio and internal subs, no problems. When you change the audio on any file, it takes about 2 seconds. So, i went and played National Geographic Channel HD documents in 720p, .mkv...worked, both PAL and NTSC versions (NGC UK/NGC US)...i moved on to IMAX Coral Reefs 720p..which was .avi (divx) worked fine... i tested Stargate Atlantis Season 5 in 720p problems...WMV HD 720p videogame trailers..worked greatso, I said: "hm, your pretty good dude, but lets see how will you play with this..." and i played Band of Brothers.. in 1080p, videobitrate from 11Mbps to episode has 7Gb !...the picture was flawless...the audio didnt play, but thats because it was ill have to wait for new firmware for that..the last thing i tested was Samsung Demo.. 1080p...the water one.. bitrate 40Mbps !... ok, first 7 seconds were fluent with audio, but then it started to fell off...and it was a slideshow..but i knew it was a extreme file..this demo doesnt play fleuntly even on my PC..and i have a Core 2 Duo 3Ghz, 4GB RAM, GeForce yeah.. :)
6) Features overall.. the playback overall is great, the respond time is very fast, loading a movie takes 5-8 seconds...boot time is 1 minute..subtitle features are impressive, zoom function is good.... there is a FF8x that is good, worked on all files... or you can just tap "right" or "left" and seek in 30s time ahead or back..or, yes, can jump to any particular time you fast..takes 2-3seconds on .avi..and about 5 seconds on .mkv 720p/ is normal, quite features i didnt test because i dont have a free internal SATA drive...and about the red button on the remote..when i pressed it, the NMT shut-down and my HDD stopped spinning in the end, the M34A (eGreat) is all i wanted..and i am really happy i didnt buy a WDTV.. :)

Now, words sometimes arent enough, so, I decided to record it for you, here is a 2 part 20minute demonstration, in HD:


YouTube - eGreat M34A: Testing playback & features (PART 1) - HD

Part 1 shows:
GUI + RC device response
avi - playback, playing with subtitles, ff8x, go to time
mkv 720p (h264, ac3, animated) - go to time, playback, 30sec ffx
mkv 720p (dark knight) - playback, with subs, go to time
mkv 720p (transformers, h264, aac) - playback, go to time, with subs
mkv 1080p (sw:ep3, h264, ac3) - playback, go to time

PART2 [Bshows:[/B]
mov 1080p (transformers 2 trailer, mpeg4, h264, aac) - playback, with subs
mov 1080p (star trek trailer, h264, aac) - playback, ff8x
mov 720p (mirrors edge trailer, h264, aac) - playback + stuttering (pause/unpause)
wmv 720p (MKvsDC trailer, asf, wma) - playback
mkv 1080p (samsung demo, h264, ac3, 40mbps bitrate) - playback (slow)
mkv 1080p (Band of brothers, h264, dts...) - playback, go to time + freeze
avi (640x480, dual audio OGM, mpeg) - playback, go to time, audio doesnt change
mkv 720p (Stargate atlantis, h264, ac3) - playback, 30sec ffx

I hope you enjoy it and leave a comment !
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Definitely a great post, brilliant effort! Thanks for the detailed info.

Yeah I'm also interested as to where I can get this in the UK.


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Can I ask a favour... What is it like navigating/viewing pictures? eg: Say ones about 300-700Kb big?

Seems all these media players are dreadfully slow moving from picture to picture when NEXT/PREV is pressed. The only exception seems to be the EVA9150 which is OK.


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Can I ask a favour... What is it like navigating/viewing pictures? eg: Say ones about 300-700Kb big?

Seems all these media players are dreadfully slow moving from picture to picture when NEXT/PREV is pressed. The only exception seems to be the EVA9150 which is OK.
ill test that tomorrow


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ill test that tomorrow

That would be very appreciated!

I basically want to put my photo album on a media player so we can browse the pictures in the lounge. It seems all the main players (eg: PCH WDTV) are just too slow moving from one picture to the next, even if they have all be reduced down in size/resolution.

The EVA9150 seems better, at least when the images have been resized down (eg: to about 300-700K), taking about 1-2 seconds to move between images when NEXT/PREV is pressed.

Of course all my pictures are a 3-8meg big, but I'm happy to do batch runs to resize them to make them smaller for a media player.

Any comments on the general friendlyness of browsing your photos folders and photos themselves would be most appreciated too!


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can u stick in a 3.5" drive inside like the hdx? It looks like it can do everything the hdx can but £111 not sure about delivery though


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Great review.
- How is it playing flac audio files through hdmi to a receiver?
- Is it 100% silent? (and does not overheat?)
Seems almost to good to be true :)


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will the firmware update on this really be able to encode DTS audio from M2TS??
i would appreciate if you could test out any M2TS files and report back wether DTS audio is supported or not, as im interested in this media player.


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Hi, i was wondering about subtitle.

I believe there is tons of movie that has subtitle on original file so we don't need to add srt, ssa, sub file anymore.
But sometimes there is a film that i need to add Indonesian subtitle for my father don't understand english at all.
I've already put indonesian subtitle (.srt) and rename it so that match with my mkv file.
Sadly, i don't know how to change subtitle using egreat m34a since it's easily done using vlc player on my laptop.

Do you guys know how to do it?


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i read ur review.. it's good!

i have question to u:
- how to play separate multiple subtitle (srt) on mkv file (example: indonesian and english subtitle) that already had or not had internal subtitle? how should i rename the file that has multiple subtitle?

thanks bro


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can u stick in a 3.5" drive inside like the hdx? It looks like it can do everything the hdx can but £111 not sure about delivery though
It does not take a HDD inside. Use ext. HDD or the esata external connection.
This is one reason unit does not overheat.
I bought my unit while visiting Singapore from the store at the passenger ship harbour.
The motherboard failed after a few days use. I posted back to retail store (cost $8 aust) . A new motherboard was installed and it was returned to me within 14 days post free.
I love the unit. I stream pictures and music from my computer and I play AVI movies from my external HDD.
The picture clarity is great.


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I have the egreat eg-m34a and I have been using a small external to play music and video files from. I would like to know if there is a way to connect my laptop to the egreat and browse and search the web and use other programs so I can view them on my tv without disconnecting the egreat.
in particular, I have karaoke software on my laptop (all the song files are in KMA and I use VideoHoster on Win7 for playback) and I would like to use my tv and the monitor, but I can`t figure how to connect it to my entertainment system through the egreat. Do I need another piece of equipment or is there a cable configuration that will work...
Any inof you could supply would be greatly appreciated.

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