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Bought the 55EG910V from Richer Sounds at the end of November and until now been very happy with it. Unfortunately it's now started showing a message saying "No internet connection" whenever watching a BBC channel on Freesat.

The message doesn't clear by pushing OK; the only solution is to turn the TV off and on again at which point you get anywhere from 30 seconds to 30 minutes before it comes back.

It appears to be generated by the BBC red button software, not the LG software, but they're obviously incompatible with each other. The TV is connected by Ethernet to a BT Infinity connection and reports no problems.

Doesn't happen on Freeview but that's not really an acceptable solution, as Freesat picture quality much better. The TV software itself is up-to-date.

Any ideas? Would prefer not to return for refund.


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Does it actually support Freesat? I know it has a Satellite tuner and can pickup the channels, but I'm sure I read about at least one other LG OLED that it doesn't support Freesat.


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My guess is that yes, it does. The EPG is correctly populated, various bits of the tuning page refer to Freesat, and all the channel icons are downloaded. Admittedly I did have to tell it which satellite to look at.

The Richer Sounds product page lists it as supporting Freesat.


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My 910v definitely supports Freesat and I have the same issue. But it's not a problem for me as I prefer to run through my Humax box anyway. But I did connect it up initially just to check it out.

I "think" the issue is actually that you can only select Freesat but not FreesatHD as your provider, which may be what screws it up. Just a thought, but maybe you should phone either LG's or RS's support line.

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