Effect of EQ and lower power on sound quality

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After prematurely getting rid of my two15 drivers, I've now decided to get just the one (Rockford P3D4-15). The sealed enclosure size is 130L (after bracing and driver, no filling) - I may add filling.

Before applying any EQ in WinISD, I can pump 1400W into the sub and not worry about xmax being hit. However I loose 8dB by the time I hit 20Hz. (Max SPL 105)

If I smooth this down with an EQ at 20Hz (Q=2, +6dB), I loose just under 3dB (Max SPL the same)but I need to drop the power down to 400W, to keep it under xmax.

What effect would this have on the sound quality? I'd be using the sub for movies only.

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