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Okay, I've just upgraded my phone to an iPhone5C.

Our broadband is pants (1.5-2.5 megs - stop laughing), and worse still, whilst Huddy is going superfast, BT have told our estate that they're not upgrading our box.

I did a couple of speed checks on my mobile at home and I got 1.87 on wi-fi through my BT home hub, but 11.45 on 4G.

So I'm understandably thinking of ditching BT and getting an EE wireless broadband pointer.

My thinking was this - my new phone contract is £27pcm and has 4GB of usage. I think I could upgrade that, and share with my wireless pointer, and possibly with Me Julie who is upgrading her phone soon (she's with Orange, so will be EE with her new contract).

Our previous phone data limits were 750 megs and we never went over that, and we rarely top 10GB at home.

What's the best way to go about this. Will she get a new phone for free if she's sharing my data.

Will I have to pay £50 a month ON TOP OF my current £27, or just increase that £27 to £50 ?

Anything else I need to be aware if?

Many thanks.

Steve W
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I've just upgraded mine to a shared set up

You should be able to upgrade your existing plan and you'll be looking at roughly £40 to £50 for 10gb on a 24m plan.

You can then add up to 4 additional share plans. For SIM only It's a 12m plan. £5 for data only or £12 for a phone SIM with unlimited texts and calls.

If you want an additional phone then it's a 24m contract and the price goes up to £32 pm with cheaper options in between also but more to pay up front for the phone. The quotes I got for the latest phones all worked out at roughly a £500 premium over the 24 months when compared to the SIM only rate.

All SIMs share the data allowance you have in your main plan.

There doesn't seem to be clear prices advertised so you will need to see what they can offer.
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I upgraded mine to shared plan in November 2013 when my 12 months contract came to an end.

I negotiated the deal when I demanded my PAC Code.
I'm currently paying £50 per month with 20GB 4GEE Sim only as me and my wife have our own iPhone 5 that we bought from Apple unlocked.

The break down of the contract is £37 per month as owner of the contract and £13 per month for each additional user.

I can add an additional user for another £13 per month if I want and it's a 30 day rolling contract


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I asked for my PAC from Orange on Saturday when they would not match a Dialaphone contract for a Z2. They rang me today and offered me a Z2 with a shareable contract £26 per month with unlimited minutes and texts and 2GB - but raised to 10GB because I have their broadband.

I can then add 12 month sim only contracts for £12 each. Unfortunately they want £109 upfront for the phone but it's still not too bad a deal. I will try and haggle them down a bit more tomorrow

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