Editor's Choice Awards – Best Home AV 2017 & Discussion

It's interesting that Dolby vision is the top AV innovation but is not supported by the best home cinema TV @ £5k!

Either it's not that important or the TV is lacking a fundamental feature that undermines it's credibility

Phil Hinton

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HDR 10 and Dolby Vision are the same fundamental system, with Dolby adding a layer on top of HDR 10 (it was a Dolby open source technology) to bring dynamic metadata etc. and where that excels is with less capable displays. So TVs that struggle with peak brightness and so on, can benefit greatly from the dynamic nature of the Dolby Vision system to get the best out of those TVs in HDR mode. This is where Dolby Vision offers the greatest rewards to image quality and why we chose it as our innovation of the year. The Panasonic doesn't need the dynamic metadata of Dolby Vision to offer an excellent HDR experience and any side by side comparison with a similar level DV TV would probably be very, very close. Where Dolby Excels is with less capable displays. So it is not quite as night and day.
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Think I'll have to buy Bladerunner and The Thing, as I have seen neither...:blush:

Toon Army

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Phew! I brought the Denon AVR X4400H on Black Friday based on your original review and it's being delivered tomorrow.


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M&K seem to be very happy about this award anyway

MK Sound


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It's a shame they're not wife/GF friendly.
Nice to see that I bought right before the awards...Can't disagree with an of it :)


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still looking for the best device to play movies over NAS haha
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