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I am trying to find a simple program for my young sister. She just wants to be able to create slideshows with photos and have music playing with them - also have the ability to upload to web if possible.

But she only has windows 98.

Does anyone know of any software? Prefereable free or as cheap as poss.

Many thanks


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Does she want to make a DVD-video of this slide show, so it can be played on any DVD player? If so she needs some video editing/DVD authoring software. The easiest and cheapest I know of is Ulead DVD movie Factory. £25.

With this she can easily make a slide show to music.


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Uleads CD or DVD Pictureshow now on ver 4 should be easy to use, quite low cost and
will run on windows 98
Ive had it since ver 1 and used it then on a win 98 machine. Im sure a ver 3 is probable going for a song ( if not free)
She can download a fully working 30 day free trial to see how she gets on with it
As suggested above, although primarily a DVD authoring software, MovieFactory™ from the same stable is capable of doing slide shows to DVD:
My little worry is that while there is nothing wrong with win 98, The PCs hardware specs may not meet the requirments of these products, as such an older version may be more suitable. Saying that, that will be apparent with the trial version .
If not , I may have a ver 3 lying around pm me if interested

PS: shaolin 101,
Just reread your post :for uploading to web, using midifiles ( for sound) with Powerpoint may really be the better option as its files tend to be small and most PCs have Microsoft powerpoint installed. If you can get an older copy of office (?2000) it may be your best bet. Also using Powerpoint is a skill worth aquring ( She may even know how already : my 9 year old certainly does).


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doing a google shows loads of software capable of doing this, but maybe its time to upgrade to windows xp and use the free Windows movie maker.



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toadoftoadhall said:
......doing a google shows loads of software capable
Quite a few Ive perused have a very limited Basic feature set :are either not that easy to use, or have limited output options

..., but maybe its time to upgrade to windows xp and use the free Windows movie maker.


True but that itself may open a can of worms in that it bring hardware related problems ( conflicts or need to upgrade components ( and drivers)) which will make the question of getting simple slideshow software now look like childs play

Get her a new one for XMAS:rotfl:

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