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Is it possible to edit a music file with Nero 5.5. I can get it up to play the tune and show the sound wave and mark where I want to split it, but it seems to do nothing and I cannot delete the unwanted part.
Also when you choose a number of music files how can you stop it putting spaces between the files, apart from deleting them individually?



As far as I am aware you cannot edit MP3's with Nero. I have a handy little util called MP3splitter. Very good it is ;)

As for the gap between tracks I think that there is something under the options that you can set so that there is no gap. I think as default it is set to two seconds :D


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I presume it will be similar to delays introduced between image files when burning VCDs. Click on delay and adjust to zero. In the image clips it defaults to infinite therefore prompting you to use your remote to skip to the next image.


Thanks for the help.
I looked in the help section but I could not find anything under pause will look for the delay.
The files are not MP3 but wave files. I can get a marker up and when I right click?? I get the options cut, split but does nothing! why have them there if they do nothing :confused:


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With a plain Audio CD layout, select all but the first file in the layout and right-click properties. You can set the pause to Zero seconds. However, the first pause on the CD cannot be less than 2 seconds. This is so that the Red-book audio cd standard is adhered to. If you set it to 0 or 1 then Nero will flag this up before you come to burn your cd.

As far as file editing goes, if you highlight one file in your cd layout and click the Edit button at the top of the layout window, it should open up your wav or mp3 in Nero's wave editor. Here you can export it to Aiff, mp3, mp3pro and wav etc.

Hope this helps,



Thank for that enajh2 and pointing the gaff in the obit column the other day I was going to PM you but you do not have enabled. ;)

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