Editing Video from a SONY HDR-UX1

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    Up until now, I've edited video from a Sony Mini DV cam useing Adobe Premiere Elements. Importing directly via firewire.

    I've been givin a Sony HD-DVD camera (HDR-UX1) and discs with footage on them to edit now, and I've found that Premiere Elements 1 isn't set up to accept video from a DVD Camera, and the Camera itself doesnt have a firewire port.

    I've tried ripping the DVDs with several different programs, the only one that ripps to a good quality file is "Magic DVD Ripper" but between long conversion times and Premiere not handling the files well (playback is dropping frames, though the orriginal file seems fine when played in Media Player)

    Though some research I've done today, it sounds like Premiere Elements 3 does handle HD DVDs? How does it import the files since it's not via firewire straight from the camera, is it from the camera? or the disc?

    I dont need the files to remain HD, but they will be burned to DVD upon completion. What is the best way to go about doing this (importing, editing, exporting the video DVD)
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    Your camcorder uses the AVCHD format. There is currently no editing support for that, but Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum will support it in July. The full version of Vegas will support it May 1 but it is considerably more expensive.....

    I believe the camcorder comes with some software which will convert it to MPEG2?

    There are other workarounds which I've seen posted various places; if we have some AVCHD users here hopefully they can comment. But the short answer is editing is a problem until the software support comes.. and even then it may need quite a powerful PC to handle it.

    Premiere Elements 3 does not handle AVCHD. It will handle HDV (High def on tape) which is a different format. Eventually I'm sure it will support AVCHD, but no schedule has been announced.

    (Edit): As per Senu's post in a new thread, or Pinnacle 11 which also supports AVCHD

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