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I am in the process of getting a PC for editing the DV movies from my MiniDV camcorder TRV-900.
I have taken the configuration consisting of
P4 2.26GHz processor with 256MB DDR, a CD-RW drive from Plextor, HDD of 80GB 7200RPM and a video card of 64mb from Geforce4 series.
What else should be added to make editing easier and to get good quality movies in a short time. I'm taking this as a hobby as I like shooting movies and trying out different edited versions in a creative way.
I'm planing to use Adobe Premier 6.0 for editing the movies. I am seriously worried about the conversion to VCD format for sharing the movies with friends etc. The premier comes with cleaner. How good is this software for compression to Mpeg1.
Thank you


Just buying Prem 6 is going to put you out of pocket by £520 (well here in the UK at least).

If you bought a non-linear editing card such as the Matrox RT2000 (or RT2500 I think it is now) or Pinnacle's DV500 they come with Premier and "only" cost an extra £100-£200 or so. In fact the DV500 I've seen listed at £499 including prem 6.0 so you're effectivly getting the card for free.

I would recommend adding more memory - 256Mb is nothing nowadays. I've got 1gb in mine (well I had!) and Prem 5.1c uses a lot of it - it will use what it sees and make the compilation of the fades/wipes that much quicker. The card too can offload a lot of the wipes etc as they actually can do on the fly effects rather than having to compile them this means you don't have to go get a coffee and then come back and see it its worked.

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Take a look at the Canopus range too. Same bundle deal with premiere. I have both Matrox 2K and Storm SE and there is simply no comparison. Storm produces tangibly better results with far less drama.

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