Editing/Gaming pc Budget around £600 - £650


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Hey, I have an old dell pc that is around 5 years old and want a new pc.

I don't really know what components are compatible or what ones are good. i have done a bit of research but I still don't really understand. I'm looking for a pc for editing and gaming. I don't want it to high end just to play skyrim and a few others but not the really high end one. But the real need is for editing, my current pc takes an extremely long time to render so I want something that wont take as long so i would like at least 8gb ram. A monitor and Windows 7 also needs to be included in the price
I already have a keyboard and mouse

Thanks :)
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One thing stands out to me is that the graphics card is weak considering how much it costs - you can get a 6850 or even a 6870 for a little more money and they are much more powerful cards, also the i5 2400 is omly £2 or so more expensive
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