Editing Dvd Recordings From Vid Cam

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    Hey Troops

    need some help - please.

    Have recently bought a Sony DVD recorder because of the Ilink feature to use with my Digital Video Camera.

    This works a treat for basic functions and I can transfer the tapes easily to DVD with really good quality playback. Ability also exists to select widescreen which is a help.

    Previously I was editing the tapes on my PC using Ulead Video Studio, or Windows Movie Maker 2, which would allow me to add titles, music and effects etc. The downside of this was that when the finished article was burned to either VCD or DVD the quality was NAFF with Jittery pictures etc.

    The question I have therefore is:

    From the burned discs produced on my new DVD player, is there a good software package which will allow me to edit these DVD files in a similar fashion?- can this be done? Any user tips?

    Thanks in advance for any Help


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