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    Dear Forum participants
    Once again I am in need of your wise guidance and expertise. Not having ever seen a dvd recorder working and not yet owning a dvd player, I have difficulty understanding certain things about these machines and in particular in the editing dept. I am quite happy to have seconds – even the odd minute – of frames disappear so accuracy is not essential in my need to transfer old vhs tapes onto dvd. I’m just not sure what I get to see when I have transferred lots of odd segments of clips onto disc? Will it play seamlessly clip to clip? Will there be major pauses between clips? Will the screen go black/blue temporarily before the next clip? Can I add a bit of info or a message before each clip appears? Blah blah blah…….?
    One thing I do know is that I do not want to go the too steep learning curve of the PC route so any info on what I can expect to see re transferred segments of vhs footage onto dvd via a dvd recorder would greatly help. Again, thanks for imparting your dvd knowledge

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