Edision Modulator


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In general your opinion would be good, including ease of installation

How many sets have you used it to connect to?

Have you used it to power magic eyes on the other set(s)?

Are you using an HDMI splitter with it - if so which one?

Did the unit come with a UK/EU power adapter?

One of the reviews on amazon mentions the unit getting pretty hot, have you experienced this?


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I feed the output from mine into the loft, which then goes into a six way booster.
so any DVB-T equipment in the house can pick it up, however only DVB-T2 equipment can display the channel as the encoder uses MPEG4.

I did try the magic eye, it powered the eye but I did not get the remote to respond.
I didn't spend enough time playing with that (only a quick test) I may look into it more when I get a day off.

There is no need for a splitter, but if you really want to split the HDMI before the modulator then I would recommend the one I have.
I have made recordings on computer using this splitter (a lot of splitter's may not allow this)

The unit comes with a 2 pin power adapter.
you may need one of these.
POWER is 12v 2amp
I use the power supply from...
http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/...gate usb3&qid=1438682702&ref_=sr_1_18&sr=8-18
( a perfect match)
as I had one lying around (I took the HDD out of caddy and put it in PC)

And as for temperature mine is not hot at all, I can fell its slightly warm but far from hot.
I have mounted it with spacers for the is an inch gap behind it. ( changed gain setting to -8db maybe that helps)

Overall I am pretty pleased with my purchase and if performs well.

I found it really easy to setup, but then I do understand the setting I was playing with.
I have added my setting file to this the only thing that you might need to change is
"<channel>56<\channel>" which shouldn't have any problems with the Bromsgrove tramsmitter.
at A quick glance 32-38 and 50+ should be ok.



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Thanks for your help - I am moving into a new build in a few weeks, so there will be a new coax network to every room and I thought this would be a good call

I need the HDMI splitter as my Sky Box will be in my lounge and I will have 1 coax feed to the loft

Magic eye's aren't essential as I use iPad/iPhone to control Sky Box also

Did you notice any loss of quality with the gain turned down? I guess it makes sense to turn it down as far as possible without losing quality

As the box will be mounted in my media unit, I may add a cooling fan if it gets hot

I saw this video on how to wire in the magic eye - seems to make sense



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That splitter I mentioned removes HDCP so will work with anything (the modulator does not need it)

My magic Eye is around the modulator. so that works as it used to before new digital TV.

when I set it up I used an varible Attenuator.
Variable Attenuator, Black - Alters & varies: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics
I was setting this to just enough signal to be stable with the lowest posible gain. I them played with the settings.
I found that on constilation 16Qam was the best for signal to noise and 64Qam was the worst setting.
I would keep balancing the Attenuat after I found a better setting and moved on the the next setting FEC, FFT & Guard interval.

after A though I had the best setting for reliable signal I upped the gain setting (-12db to -8db) and unplugged the Attenuator.

its been running great ever since.
and I can still up the gain from -8db to +6db if I need to.

fans are allways good (my uncle save a PC mother board from failing with a tiny 1inch fan, when other people had problems)
find the lowest (x)db setting that starts to affect the picture, then go up by 4-6db

and you will need at least one f-connector (maybe 2, depend on if you need pass through)
f type plug.jpg


where I order mine from..

despatched on Monday and it arrived by 11am (last week, from ireland) [I paid extra £5 for fast delivery]


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My idea was to split the HDMI from the Sky Box - one into the TV in the lounge, one into the modulator, then as per the video connect the RF in on the modulator to the Sky RF2 output


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any ideas on a loft box... ideally have one that can take the modulator signal and an aerial input so that i can have freeview on all tv's except the main


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no rush I'm not moving for a month, and haven't even bought the TVs yet - that decision is a lot harder! :facepalm:
Ok to answer your questions

You can use our modulator with Sky Magic eye, you would put the Modulator as an input into the Sky RF feed and then use the RF out on the SKy to continue to the Distribution amp. This way the Modulator doesnt block the Sky Magic eye feed.

As regards SKyMagic eye distribution amps we use the Wolsey ones which come in a variety of sizes WOLSEY IR Pass Through Aerial Amplifier

We have not noticed them getting particular warm.

There is no pratical limit on the number of TVS a modulator will feed


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Hi Andy

A illustration of setup (just made this)
Image4.png This what i have - it works

SLx 27823BMG 6 Output Aerial Distribution Amplifier: Amazon.co.uk: TV

SLx - Magic Eye IR Extender - For Sky / Sky+ / Sat TV: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics

labgear 3 Way Indoor TV Aerial Splitter: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics

Edision HDMI Modulator Full HD Distribution over Coax: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics

that would set you back £243.16 :D
amazon have free delivery (1st 3 are from amazon directly) Modulator from TV Tech Int (free or £5 fro speedy delivery)

as for the other guy trying to sell you stuff the HDMI Modulator on its own will cost you £358.80 :(
and then you need the other bits.
Totally up to the OP, and its the support we pride ourselves on and unfortunately that doesnt always mean selling the cheapest products or the cheapest solution


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seems i missed the email updates on this thread, thanks for all your help, i'll let you know how it goes!


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just need to wait and see where the aerial wires are situated in the house when it is finished and see if they have fitted power anywhere near by, i'm suspecting in the loft with no power


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we have some switched power sockets, one has lights in it.
and we have some boards down (old internal doors are handy) to walk on.


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they are putting a light in the loft, but i don't know if it will be running from a socket

still got to choose TVs as well :)


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Panasonic good choice.
Dual Core Processor

But if you buy it now its another thing to have to take with you when you move.
Still I would feel the tempation as well


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yeah i know... i keep telling the mrs she can't buy kettle's and toaster's, so a 58" tv may be a bit hypocritical

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