Question Edision Modulator - minimum HDMI input resolution ?


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I have an NVIDIA shield connected to a HDMI splitter. One side goes to the TV and the other to my Edision modulator.

If I play a movie that is at 1920x1080 24p then the modulator transmits this RF signal and I can receive the movie on my tuned in TV's around the house without a problem. However, if the movie I'm playing does not meet this resolution/frame rate then the edision modulator will not transmit the signal. For example - If I select a film running at 1920x1080 50hz then the modulator refuses to transmit. It wont transmit anything in SD standard definition either.

I have even tried bypassing the splitter by just coming straight out of the NVIDIA shield and into the Edision modulator but I get the same result :-(

Has anyone else had this issue ? Will the Edision modulator only transmit a HDMI input signal of a specific resolution and frame rate ?

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