Edinburgh Fringe


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Anyone here in Edinburgh?

The fringe is kicking off this weekend, with preview shows running throught this week. I've already seen one show, Boothby Graffoe in the Stand. Not really convinced, too much music in his comedy for my liking.

Anyway, anyone seen anything else yet? or have 'hot' tips for good shows either tonight or this weekend.

Its hit and miss at the begining of the festival until word of mouth gets round and screams about the good & bad shows!


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Doh, i had forgotten that starts this week, i usually go a see a few acts.
Will have a quick gander at the web-site see if anythign takes my fancy.

I would say its worth a gamble going to see someone you never heard of.
I went a few years back to see a Geordie lad that no-one had heard of, his name was Ross Noble and was the funniest thing I had ever see. He's a big star now, or so i've heard.


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My time during the festival is usually speant in the pleasence court yard having a cold beer. You'll usually pick up a few free / cheap tickets that way to shows that havent sold out.

Otherwise you still get a good chat, and a great evening out with friends


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Make sure you see "Best Newcomer Michael Piper", if you couldn't guess its my younger brother.

He won unitalent last year for his standup. His show is being sponsored by one of my businesses.


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Cool, I'll make a point of looking out for his show. I see its in the guilded balloon. always a cracking venue


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Not a big arts fan, but the pubs staying open till 3am during the festival more than justifies it for me....:smashin:


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i saw a few shows last nite, so have a hangover from hell today. saw some early "best of the fest" type show at about 1pm at the pleasance which was ok, then saw dudley sutton, who was in lovejoy (i've never seen lovejoy so i never knew this) and football factory (he is one of the old guys who is about to emmigrate, his show was an hour long and just spoke about his life and the english language and pretty much about how the goverment has made things worse over the years. 73 years old and puts on a great one man show

then saw some guy from radio 4 who did a load of "comedy songs" and he was alright, and then the assembly rooms best of the fest which started at midnite. it wasn't a very good nite as the festival isn't in full swing yet so the good comedians aren't up here yet.

theres a bill hicks tribute about 4.30pm today that i might checkout, and i've got tickets for russell brand in 3 weeks

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I thought this was going to be a thread about dodgy haircuts! :D

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