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EDID Questions around HDFury Maestro


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So as a new Maestro owner having a couple of things that I would like advice on. Have had a look through the manual and a general search.

So my setup is an LG CX TV with an older Yamaha RX-A3010 amp. Main 4K connections are Sky Q, Apple 4K TV and a Vero 4K+ box

The LG is in my lounge with my Amp in the garage. TV connected to the two TX0 and TX1 on the receiver so I can have two different profiles (or at least that is my theory). I am not using ARC but have SPDIF from the CX into the Maestro RX, then SPdif out to. Using a Pronto remote to control it.

EDID of the TV is coming back as

LG TV SSCR: 4K60 444 DV BT2020

All is working well apart from

The first issue is sound routing, ideally, want anything from any of the sources to be output to the receiver audio output so am covered for DTS and HD Audio. Anything from builtin\tuner the TV was to be originally routed to Spdif output but HDMI would also work (would just reconfigure amp\pronto). However, I find that I need to switch Maestro and Maestro RX under SPDIF/ARC Audio Routing to allow this to happen. If I have it on Maestro then I can get all the audio from the sources including HD Audio but not from the TV Apps, I also mute the audio output on TX0 and TX1 Audio to prevent the TV from moaning about DTS or HD Audio been unsupported. The other way round then anything that the TV can decode is fine but not DTS or HD Audio.

Any other way of setting it up or is there a Pronto code for setting it one way or the other, as I can't see to see an obvious one in the list. That way I could just change it on the remote.

The second issue is around Apple 4K TV and Dolby Vision if try and set it at 50 or 60Hz then I get a black screen on the TV though it the DV logo does come up. Is this because of the TV reporting its EDID as above and that would generate a greater than 18Gbps signal as per this page

HDMI Data Rates for 4K HDR

Cables work correctly and the Apple 4K TV connects when locally at 50 and 60Hz correctly using the same cables.

Do I need to edit the Dolby Vision Parameters to keep at 4:2:2 or below?

Thanks for any help

@Joe Fernand does this use a Valens chipset or something else given the previous table

Joe Fernand

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Hi ChuckMountain

Apologies for the late reply - it has been a busy start to the year.

Drop me an email and lets see if we can figure out the issues.

HDFury do not specify if they use Valens or an alternative HDBT solution - one of the weird things with Valens is you have to pay an additional fee to use the logo, even if you use their chip set!



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It's ok meant to update this thread but forgot.

HDFury were really helpful on Discord channel and basically, DV can only be up to 30Hz over HDBaseT but will work at up to 60Hz through the Maestro TX.

Low latency DV will work fine up to 60Hz but not sure of the PQ differences etc.

They should also be adding the pronto code to allow the changing of the sound routing not sure if it will be in this release or the next one but apparently there is one adamant.

When I asked them about the chipset and\or compression I didn't get a response :(

Joe Fernand

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Great you got sorted - the support via Discord is excellent.

I think they have two stay quiet about which chip set is being used - pop the lid :)


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