Edge of tomorrow - ok for 11yo to understand?


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Edge of tomorrow is a 12A and looks great film. Read few reviews but unsure if an 11yo will understand it ok?

Anyone seen it can comment please, also on the film itself what they think.



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Really good film, and 11 year old should be fine. :) Also replied in the other thread. ;)

barnaby jones

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Well missed it last week, was going to go on Sat just gone and it's not showing anymore :(
Well it has been out over a month and it's not exactly been a colossal hit, still showing at both my local multiplexes but only a couple of times a day. Managed to catch it for a second time last Monday and the screen was quite full. Transformers was always going to take loads of screens and EOT's business though.

Greg Hook

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Well it has been out over a month and it's not exactly been a colossal hit.

I think that is an understatement. It's looking to be one of Tom Cruise's biggest flops at the moment. According to IMDB it hasn't grossed even 50% of what it cost so far.


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My young lad preferred the novel, although he did say the film was pretty good, but that the main character shouldn't be played by a 50+ year old, it should have been someone in their 20's at the oldest.


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What kind of world are we in where genuinely good films like this and Dredd flop, but crap like transformers sweeps up at the box office. I despair for society. And also, decent sounding sci fi like Snowpiercer can't get a proper release as the director won't compromise his vision.

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