Edge of Tomorrow 2 - aka Live Die Repeat And Repeat (TBA) directed by Doug Liman


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Edge of Tomorrow 2 release date, plot, cast – Live Die Repeat and Repeat release date, plot, cast

Doug Liman the director said
"That's why I'm even more excited that it's a sequel because it just takes all the baggage that you'd associate with a sequel and turned it on its head... It's a sequel that's a prequel. At the same time that it's a sequel."

so it sounds like this movie is not a sequel or a prequel but a "reset"(?)
If they are just doing a new film with sequel slapped on it they can **** right off


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Was disappointed with how they left things in first, if it is just a remake without the original cast its a no go from me.

Here is hoping the rumors are true about cruise and blunt.


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It would be like Independence Day V.

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