Edge burn-in when viewing 4:3 sources


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Hi guys...

I'm having a discussion on another forum where someone is having a problem with an old LG set... in that due to watching a lot of 4:3 content, there are now vertical lines 'burnt in' in the exact edge where the 4:3 image ends.

Is this a potential problem for all widescreen sets where a lot of 4:3 content is watched? Or just older sets?

I checked out this calibration guide...


In section 4, it suggests that older sets actually create the black borders when in 4:3 mode - so that when you alter the contrast, brightness settings the black borders change too. I'm assuming that on newer sets this doesn't happen?... which would enable you do configure in the way mentioned.

Am I making any sense?

I've just bought a 37" Samsung M87, and I also watched a lot of 4:3 content on the TV (I can't stand a stretched image), and I'm paranoid that this may happen to me.

Any thoughts?


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The "old LG" was probably not an LCD. Permanent damage from unevenly-lit images such as you describe is highly, highly unlikely on any LCD.


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Actually, I have te same problem.

I own an LG 32LX2R and have noticable 'side' bars when viewing widescreen broadcasts. It's as if the 4:3 bars have butrnt into the screen. Funny thing is, I hardly ever watch 4:3 content.

I've had the TV for almost a year now and it's something that has affected the screen from day 1.

Is this a fault? Thanks,

Nielo TM

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IR used to be a problem with IPS panels but now, its an issue with most LCD that has overdrive enabled.

The best way to remove IR is by unplugging the set for several hours (maybe even few days) for the pixels to discharge and 'return to normal'.

IF this doesn't work, you may have to exchange but most manufactures don't cover burn-in damage.

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