ED2 or HD2?


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Can anyone offer some advice?

I have the opportunity to buy a Sharp XV-Z10000 at a similar price to my first choice projector the Sim2 Domino 20H (both at about £4k).

I will be using a 6 foot Da-Lite 1.1 gain screen and be viewing from about 15 feet. Both have had good reviews, and I aware the Sharp is not a current model, hence the price drop. I will be putting all video feeds through a Denon AVC3805 (until I get a DVI/HDMI DVD player!)

My questions are:

In the UK does the higher resolution of the HD2 make a difference on DVD and Sky Digital compared to the Matterhorn?

Is the Sharp a better picture as it was a previously more expensive model?

Which is the better value?

This has been going over in my head for the last few days, and would be very grateful to hear your comments.



Previously Liam @ Prog AV
The Sharp is definitely the better projector in my opinion. High res doesn't automatically mean better picture, it is down to how well that extra resolution is used. However, i've still yet to see a Matterhorn chip beat a Mustang in overall PQ (unless you do somethjing daft like compare a well calibrated HT1100 or PD model zero five to a badly fed BenQ!). A decent processor can (and will) use the extra resolution to further define the image based on it's own interpolation of the original 576line image.


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Thanks Liam,

Anyone out there to defend the Sim2 corner, or has Liam hit the nail on the head?



Mike Antrum

I used to have an Optoma H56, but had a few problems with it with prog scan, so my dealer, the most excellent Sevenoaks in Hull, agreed to echange it. I initially ordered a Sim2 Domino 30, but on the day it arrived, I noticed that it had a much longer throw distance, and rang Sevenoaks. They were great, and told me about a great deal on the outgoing Sharp 10000, and not to worry about the SIM2 as they were moving loads of them.

Talk about landing on my feet. This machine is very good, the image is so smooth and vivid. My wife, after getting over the shock of having something the size of an alien mothership stuck to the ceiling, actually thought I had a bigger screen too, as the image had soo much punch.

I'm running it via component Prog Scan from a Denon 2900, and it is truly impressive.

One nice thing is that the picture is pretty much right straight out of the box. Running Video Essentials to calibrate only suggested a few minor tweaks. Well chuffed !

Happy shopping, and remember, it weighs 9.5 kilos, so get a decent bracket ! If it landed on your head you'd know about it.




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Well, I suppose I will have to put the case forward for the Domino 20H.
Watching a 6 foot screen from 15 feet, the 1024 x 576 res. of the Domino 20H is more than adequate.
The 6000 hour lamp life and 3000 hour or 1 year lamp warranty is not to be sniffed at.
The remote zoom and focus are very useful. Different sources have differing amounts of underscan or overscan so it is very useful to be able to zoom in or out a fraction to allow for this. The remote focus allows you to stand next to the screen making correct focus much easier to attain.
Sim2 UK's backup and service are second to none.

The defence rests its case.



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Hi Paul,

I was in a similar position to you a couple of months ago. I had recently seen the Sim2 Domino in an hour long view which included the Infocus 5700 and the more expensive Sim2 300 plus.

It's possible that the Infocus was not setup correctly as I've seen a lot of positive comments written about it BUT for me it was not in the same league as the other two. The Domino had an excellent picture quality and the 300 was better but nowhere near by as much as would be required to justify the price difference in my opinion.

I wanted to see the new NEC HT1100 to compare with the Domino 2 and managed this a couple of months ago. The picture quality really was excellent and the warranty is industry leading. It is a 4:3 1024 X 768 native format . I had a look at the Sharp Z200 which is a 1024 X 576 widescreen. This also was an excellent picture quality. I would find it difficult to rate the Domino against the NEC and Z200 as I didn't see them side by side but I would have been very happy with any of them. The Z200 is probably the best price point of the three.

As it was, I was considering the NEC versus Z200 when I had the chance to view the Sharp Z10000 as well. No contest and the recent price reductions make it irresistable. I strongly suggest that you view before making a final choice and, as Mike mentions, it's a bit of a beast! Needless to say, I bought one.

One cautionary note though, there have been some problems with the Sharp 10K concerning a slight flickering which is intermittent. You can read up on this here

It is believed that this is a lamp problem and nothing to do with the projector. It would appear that this affects only a small number of pjs rather than all although it would seem that mine is now exhibiting this problem :eek:

I am about to speak to my retailer about this but I should be okay as I'm still within the warranty (90 days) for the lamp. I would add though that I'm still thrilled with the pj despite this possible problem and would definately recommend it.

Hope my newbie perspective is of use and good luck with your purchase :smashin:


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Thanks Great Dane,

I went to see the Z10000 for the first time today, and was thoroughly impressed. Colours were good, but it was the rendition of the blacks that surprised me. Very good.

I may still go for the Sim2 as the throw ratio is perfect for my room, and the Sharp would require a Ceiling install, which could be messy. However, as I have not been able to compare the two side by side, I have still yet to make a decision. The higher resolution still has a great appeal, and the users of this forum all seem to agree that the Sharp is the better value.

Thanks for the comments.



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the Sharp would require a Ceiling install, which could be messy
I used a Universal bracket and managed to get quite a tidy finish.

The weight of the projector does mean that you need extra support so I had some batons inserted in between the joists which were accessed from under the floorboards in the room above.

I was a little concerned at first but a friend who fitted it for me hung from the mount just to prove a point....and he's around 16 stone:laugh:

With a bit of luck, I've attached a couple of images.

Hope this is of some use :smashin:
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