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    :lease: Ok - brought an echostar 105 which has 2 scart connectors - connected up via a scart to svideo lead to my AV amp but cannot find an option to turn the output into Svid format - emailed Echostar about a week ago and no reply - currently spent a week watching freeview in B and W - not good - so query is:

    1. Can the echostar output in svideo and if so how do I set it up
    2. If not would I be better off returning the echostar and buying a fusion one (top up TV model) as these allegedly (according to posting on a review) output in Svideo - does anyone have this outputing in Svid?

    Realise that I would prob be better outputting in component and or scart but not really an option without a lot of expenditure on hardware which I would rather not do at the moment. thanks :smoke:

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