Ebuyer - anyone got theirs yet


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just wondering if anyone has got their wii from ebuyer yet. They seem to have taken everyone's money 'accidentally' but not shipped anything.


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just wondering if anyone has got their wii from ebuyer yet. They seem to have taken everyone's money 'accidentally' but not shipped anything.
If I were you I'd go to their forums (link at the top of their home page) and read the Wii threads in there. There is a full explanation as to the situation with Ebuyer's stock and the chap there (Will) will do as much as he can to assist you in any queries you have.


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Ordered a Wii Bundle - Zelda, Red Steel & Far Cry + the console at 01:01:am on the 8th, courtesy of a link posted here:thumbsup:

They amended it later that day to just the console due to game shortages.

I actually would have received the console earlier, had it not been for my initial card details being rejected without me realising

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i recieved mine on launch day so :p

if you are talking about the second batch you should make that clear. like said above read their forums for info


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ordered on the 7th recieved on monday really great service get me informed all the way will use them again :clap:
I ordered a few hours before you, the same bundle and they altered it to the console. It seems the new delivery date to ebuyer is Friday but some are reporting they may have had some in today.

Im still not convnced they will cover all outstanding orders though as the ones you and I ordered where never meant to be available to order. But Saturday is the most upto date info we have.

Edit theres now 2 had theres shipped in the last hour or so.


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just wondering if anyone has got their wii from ebuyer yet. They seem to have taken everyone's money 'accidentally' but not shipped anything.
Ordered the same time as you, money taken but no console.

Not great service in my opinion when people order after and have their console and ebuyer have my money !!

The least they can do is refund the card and then charge when they have the stock.

Not a happy bunny :thumbsdow


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on the ebuyer forums this morning Will put up a sticky saying that there stock had been delayed till Friday, this afternoon my order status changed to picking. then tonight it has changed to dispatched......

Really dont know what is going on with their stock levels to be honest, I will wait and see if it turns up tommorow.... The extra nunchuck i ordered is still waiting...... they defo took the money well before they shipped the goods

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Got mine today :clap:
A big thanks goes out to Ebuyer.
They really have made my Christmas.
Especially after Currys let me down by failing to deliver a pre-order which was placed well in advance of the release date.
Giving credit where credit is due , Ebuyer have been absolutely faultless from the date I placed the order to when I receiving the goods.
Thanks again.:thumbsup:

p.s. Now where is that Nunchuck from HMV , Component Cable from Amazon and WiiPlay from Play3K :rolleyes:


have you called to find out if the friday stock has arrived? If they send it out super saver delivery tonight it will probably be too late for xmas.


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I ordered mine on 14th November, was due to get it on 8th December, was delayed until 9th December. Then was big cock up on Ebuyers pre-ordering system, and the stock pre-order was relisted as available on their system and got bought by someone else.

Had an email on Monday saying mine would be delivered on Tuesday, although only the Wii, not the rest of the bundle. Van broke down and was eventually delivered on Wednesday.

Managed to buy everything that I was after on the high street except for another nunchuck.

My son is now very happy, and I'm relieved it's over.


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