EBU Conference on HDTV - Dec 2004

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    Dont' know if this offers more hope to those of us with HD (resolution) screens) that will not accept a digital [email protected] or 1080i/[email protected] input.

    Conclusions of the workshop were:

    The Workshop was complemented by superb demonstrations of the difference in picture quality between 1080i/50 and 720p/50, compressed and uncompressed, content. The coding gain of 720p/50 wins through, and there are gains of a few megabits of channel capacity. The demonstrations also included the difference between 720p/50 and 1080p/50 when seen on WideXGA (768/1298) and WideUXGA (1080/1920) displays, which were more modest than many expected.

    The conclusions of the discussions groups (not necessarily formal EBU opinions) included the following:

    Progressive scanning should be used if possible for HD programme production. The choice between 1080p/25 and 720p/50 should be based on the kinds of programme being made. A 1080p/50 production standard should now be developed, with worldwide cooperation.

    Production equipment for Europe and the 50Hz world should include the option of 720p/50, as is the case in the 60Hz world.

    Methods are needed for transparent conversion between all three HD production formats (720p/50 or 60, 1080i/50 or 60, 1080p/25 or 50 or 60).

    Audio synchronization systems are needed which work in multi-track audio, through conversion processes.

    National broadcasters have four or five years to establish one or more HD broadcast channels. Simulcasting will certainly be needed for some years because of the legacy of conventional quality receivers.

    For some broadcasters, terrestrial HD broadcasting will have to wait for analogue switch-off.

    From now on, investment in production equipment should include HD equipment or equipment which is upgradeable to HD.

    Pilot productions in HD should be undertaken by all EBU Members.

    There are still questions to solve about whether HDTV can be broadcast terrestrially.

    It is easier for a Pay-TV operator to introduce HD by renting a satellite transponder than it is for a free-to-air broadcaster to upgrade or change a terrestrial or cable broadcasting infrastructure

    There is also an editorial on the EBU website. Any translation appreciated, but it seems broadly good news


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    Somewhere near the M4 most of the time......
    interesting stuff would love to know what the reference monitors were for these discussions....

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