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Has anyone got a e-book reader like Kindle, Sony e-reader etc, are they any good, what is the best one, they seem a bit expensive, I downloaded the Stanza (free) app for my iPod touch, great app but eats the battery life...



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We only have the Sony e-reader, so can only give opinion on that. It is an easy tool to use, and the screen is clear and easy to read. There is no backlight, but we have a case with a built in light in case you fancy reading it in the dark :)

It charges over USB, or if you have a PSP you can use the power supply from that to also charge (much more efficient!!). It supports PDF's and word documents, and you can see images in greyscale (obviously).

As nice as it is though, I just like having real books :) This is handy for when you are going away for a few weeks, or for commuting (or showing off!!) but at home for me a real book can't be beaten



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Cheers Shaz,

It's the portable aspect of an e-reader, loading it up with loads of ebooks to take away with you, I work away from home from time to time and some sort of e-reader appeals to me, downloaded Calibre & Stanza Desktop today and have been sorting out my ebooks to transfer over to Stanza on my touch for the moment, looks good with coverflow on the touch, will wait and see if the e-readers (Sony, Kindle) come down in price...



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Just ordered a Sony PRS-600 Touch from WHSmith, there on there for £219 atm which I didn't think was too bad.

I'll let you know what its like when it arrives.


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Where are these kindle books on Amazon? I've just had a look on there to see what kindle books are free and what books are available in this format and can't find any.

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