Ebay, Shipping wt???


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I received an email from them today as i sold a couple of things on there and was wondering as to why it was £1.70 more than i was expecting, so i went to my ebay and looked at the receipt and they have started charging final value fees now on shipping that i'm paying for!!!

Since when has this been happening as when i have sold stuff before i never got mugged like that, i am not ripping people off with the shipping i just charge what it costs so why do i have to pay that???

What with final value fees on what you sell and final value fees on the shipping i'm begining to wonder if its now worth selling on there :mad:.


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Yep - been like that for a while now. Ebay thought they were losing out on all those £0.99 + £20 postage items - they want their cut!


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As above really, it's been going on for a while. Originally they wanted people to report sellers who did that to circumvent FVF's but I guess it never worked as expected.


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Well i will tell you what if i do sell on there again i will most definitely add an extra 10% on top of the shipping, some people spoil it for everyone don't they.

It must be pretty recent as the September invoice i have (last time i sold on there) the shipping fvf wasn't on it.


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Originally they wanted people to report sellers who did that to circumvent FVF's

I've been doing that (reporting Sellers) for many years as I come across Items with outrageous P&P charges, while searching for Items I want to purchase.

I also report numpties who say that they won't accept payment by Paypal, unless you add their Paypal fees to the price you pay !

Also, I really wish Ebay would do something about Sellers who have dozens of identical Items for sale, each as a seperate Item Number, with just a small change in the description, e.g. a universal phone charger with seperate Listings for each and every phone the Seller can think of !

Is it really easier for them to do that, rather than to have 1 Listing, with the appropriate keywords so that a search finds their Item correctly for each possible usage ?


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Might also get you bad feedback if they think you overcharged on postage.
I haven't used Ebay for years but I used to charge a lot for postage to circumvent FVF and although I used to get messages from people complaining about the high shipping charges, whilst the auction was live, I never recieved negative feedback. I only had one person leave a comment about postage along the lines 'postage very high but pleased with item' and he left positive feedback.

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