Ebay Seller...


guys theirs an ebay seller who I bought some films off, the packaging was GREAT... but im not sure as to whether the dvd's are origionals or not.

He says that he doesn't sell pirates, but the image quality was not what I'd expect from an origional.

Anyone know whether they are real or dodgey?

and am I allowed to post ebay links???

for reference only...

if im not I shall remove - feedback wise he has very good feedback.



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What colour is the base of the disc?, also if you put the dvd in your pc how much space is on the dvd?


New released dvds @ £7.99 and multipule listings personally id be a little sceptical personally.


the discs are sliver - an they are thai/jap etc...

but im just dont think their origionals... I've had discs from asia that are origionals.

the sounds good on them.... hmmmm...may have to have a little deeper dig...

I know how much silvers go for as I have seen them... These have dvd9 marked on them as well.


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Look at the audio settings for "The Island"... "English - Dolby Digital (2.0) Stereo"

Now its a garbage film with a great accent by our own Ewan McGregor however the sound is in DD 5.1 !!!

Ship ahoy I would say.



lol... hmmmm I may have to have words with the fella about selling fakes... an me the muppet buying em.

cheeky begger.


Item: Red Eye DVD - Wes Craven FREE POSTAGE in UK (9106384293)
This message was sent while the listing was active.
jeznight is the seller.
Most are not uk high st versions as they are not out yet but they are not pirates or cinema downloads etc. all come with sleeve, extras, menus, some with dts sound etc. My feedback says it all, thanks for looking

that was a response from him before I ordered anything...


right, will take a look at both of the movies tonight - had brothers grimm and Red Eye

do we know if these were DTS filmed?


lol - doh' well no matter... I'm not one to buy copies of movies, and at that price it just takes the P...

emailed the guy anyway to ask him... as I wasnt happy with the pic on red eye.

Seth Gecko

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I don't think Red Eye (Wes Craven ver) has appeared on DVD though with a DTS soundtrack. I could be wrong, but my R2 isn't and the R1 wasn't either.

Having looked at his Doom "Cover art may vary" I'd say not quite legit, but then as the saying goes, if it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck........



these are all from Asia so god knows what im getting for my hard earned money!!!

Seth Gecko

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Russell_Piper said:
It was filmed in DTS though.
Oh I know that :) The point was that you can find DTS versions of Star Wars if you REALLY wanted - but we know that they aren't authentic.

If this were the case, put me down for a copy of The Matrix in DTS, because we know it exists from the end credits, but WB still haven't released one!! :)

I can't find a proper release of Red Eye with DTS, so it's fair to say that it's similar to the aforementioned Star Wars.

Mind you, with one very specific exception where I did (and it is legit), I wouldn't buy DVD's from ebay ever.

Indiana Jones

There are 4 things I would check...

1. - does it have a holographic DVD9 logo on the sleeve

2. - does it have a DTS banner along the top of the sleeve

3. - what file size does it read when put in a computer

4. - is it region locked?

Some bootleg dvds are dual layered so question 3 might be pointless but the rest are a sure fire way of checking whether you have a legit release or a factory pressed bootleg.


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The fact that this guy is advertising the option to buy films that aren't even legally out in the USA on DVD (or are only just about to open in UK cinemas in the next few weeks) suggests that this guy is absolutely a pirate!

Don't risk your money on these :censored: -wits! :mad:



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Report him to ebay. Ask for a refund , and start a chargeback.
as Indiana said, have you checked the region coding?
Blatantly fakes

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