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I thought I would save some money and buy a dvd off ebay, it came today a micro thin dvd case a printed on dvd (offcenter) and to top it off crap PQ. I’m now going to have to buy it again costing me more money, how do these people get away with it, is there no policing on ebay?


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What title was it?

Do you still have the link?

If it's a bootleg then leave the seller negative feedback.

I've bought several (legit) DVDs from ebay and have never had a problem.


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The most important thing to remember when buying off E-Bay:

Caveat Emptor

I trust you left crappy feedback for Long John Silver? It could well be worth reporting the git to E-Bay for hawking dodgy discs. Too late for you for sure, but these actions could help others :)


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I often buy discs via Ebay. The first thing I do is read the feedback on the vendor. If there is a history of problems, then avoid like the plague.

Giveaway signs are vague details of products, lack of screen captures and pictures. Also check the method of payment. The more on offer the more reliable they are.


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It was gothika and yes i did leave him negative feedback.I allways read the feedback but i had just lost out on a copy and bid on the copy below it and won straight away.I only just read the other feedback today.Mine own fault i had a few :beer: :zonked: .Still you don't expect to be ripped off do you,know doubt the money his feeding his crack habbit.


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Buyer beware perhaps? :clown:

Greg Hook

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What region was the DVD?


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A similar thing has happened to me only just recently..

I bought Ong Bak on DVD from some bloke in Canada thinking it was an original release.

Turns out I have a bootleg copy. It is in a case, but the sleeve is photocopy of the Region 3 release. The subtitles show both chinese and Engliash at the same time and cannot be switched off or changed (this makes me think it is the VCD version put onto DVD). The picture quality is that of a not fantastic VCD... it is also tempremental at playing in my DVD player.. (Which all bootlegs I have tried are)

I emailed him asking for a refund and for him to include enough to cover postage to send it back to him. he's being arsey about it, so I told him that I am basically not willing to fuel him selling discs that are both against Ebay law and against THE Law, by paying for the 'dvd' to be sent back to him! He emailed back telling me ot send it back and after testing it he will either replace or refund.

I have since sent an email back saying: 'An exchange is not acceptible for this DVD. It is a bootleg. If you do not refund this DVD I will take further action.'

I am awaiting his reply! I doubt I will get anywhere, but I will report him to ebay and leave negative feedback. He has about 6 or 7 copies for sale.


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Just wondering about these X-files deals, that people are selling region free season sets 1-7 for £80. there are pics but just wondering whether they are legit or not

Racquel Darrian

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If you pay via Paypal you can get your money back!

Report him to ebay in any case!


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I've just examined my X-files series 1 thru 8 (a mixture of R1 & R2). The boxes shown in the pictures are not the same as mine, but I accept there are probably regional differences.

What intrigues me is the total number of DVDs offered.....either 54 or a whopping 61 for all eight series.......

I feel truly hard done by as I only have 52!

I wonder what I'm missing?

On the other hand, all mine are legit and look great (even with the well known "appalling" :laugh: :rolleyes: black levels of my Pio).



eBay are really good about shutting down people who sell fake dvds I've seen cases where the seller has had their account suspended only days after the auction has finished all you have to do is report them and give them all the proof they ask for

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I've been buying and selling on ebay for a couple of years and have had very few problems. If the seller has low feedback or the odd negative but the item looks like the real thing then use the 'ask seller a question' link before bidding. If they don't reply then avoid them but if they do you can usually tell if they're on the level. However, avoid anyone with a lot of negatives or those with no feedback who's selling something that looks too good to be true as it probably is!

Any problems with sellers with high positive feedback can usually be solved with a suggestion that you're prepared to contact ebay and leave negative feedback. Most regular sellers would rather refund than risk losing there account and having to start from scratch.


I bought some glue from there once.

E Bay Gum...



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Nice one :clap: The simplist one's are sometimes the best. :smashin:



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I have contacted some sellers they all seem to be selling coppies ,reported the lot.


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I had a problem once with a dodgy disk bought from eBay, all eBay do (if anything at all) is to close down their account, and then they just open another one under a different name.

The best thing ive found to really screw them over is rather than report it to eBay, i find another auction that the user has, and report it to FACT, They havea website at http://www.fact-uk.org.uk

Cruel i know, but eBay is rife with pirates and i'm fed up having to sort through the dross to find genuine disks


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I'm awaiting, what I know is a bootleg copy of Ninja Scroll from ebay US. I've asked for a cancelation of the auction, but to no avail. I'm gonna pursue the PayPal angle & bitch slap him.

I've also noticed that a good way to spot a rogue trader is several usernames, selling the same stock, look at the selling page, its a dead giveaway! :suicide:

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