ebay!!! lol......dvd buyers beware.



I sell DVDs on ebay and I can't stand people selling pirated stuff on there.

All my DVDs are originals and genuine, and I make sure I provide a top notch service - better than from websites.


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I use ebay as a way of offloading films I'm not keeping. I very rarely buy these days though.

When you see someone obviously selling 'boots', *** report them to ebay. You took the trouble to post on here, so I hope you reported the trading violation to ebay first!
I've had loads of users kicked-off by doing this.

(If you buy a dvd of a film that has not been released yet, then I have no sympathy btw :rolleyes: )


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I can understand the frustration of people when they are duped into buying advertised R1 DVD's only to discover they are not. These people SHOULD be banned from existance !

We have had this discussion before, in fact not so long ago.

Personally, I've said his before (and you can check back on my previous comments/posts about this), but I don't see a problem in advertising a R0 DVD providing ALL the details are posted clearly in the advert and are truthfull. It's then up to the seller to make up his mind about buying it provided the auction is not closed down ! If the DVD then sells for a higher amount, well soemone is eager out there !

I see quite a lot do this and yet the auctions are not taken off. It's surely easy for Ebay to close all R1/R3/R4/R0 DVD auctions as they are categorised. A simple search/select query in any programming langauge can pick most of them up ???

Lord Of The Rings ROTK is already selling on Ebay (weeks ago). Some of these versions of the film will be identical in quality to the version that will be released. NOTE: the actual film ONLY.

Bear in mind they are selling on Ebay just under 2 months ahead of the official release date, the quality of some of them (in fact probably most) are perfect it's hardly not surprising they are fetching the money they do, isn't it ?


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andypandy - do i understand you correctly, It's ok to pass off a fake on Ebay if it's a good quality one? You have no problem with somebody making money by copying discs and selling them at vast profit?

We've debated downloading before where it is more of a community thing, but here are people just making money out of other people's work, that's a big nono in my book.

What bugs me on ebay is that people think that by putting the fact that they are selling a fake somehow makes it alright - banning them does little good as they come back again with a new user name.


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in a word , the answer to the first question is YES.

I could go on to explain why I believe this, but I have done all this before.

Yes, I know it's unlawfull and some one else 'wants a piece of the action'.

Ebay can do a hell of a lot more to stop them if they really wanted to, but guess what - I wonder who else wants a 'piece of the action' ??

profit and greed is getting deeper and deeper in our society. No one is really prepared to do anything about it unless there is something in it for them. We then go round in circles. Big multi-billion movie companies who it affects the most obviously are not doing enough - I wonder why ?


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Well I started out on ebay sometime ago selling my dvd's that were not part of my collection and always provided a service that I would like to have.

It is like every other place you go to, If there is a way of making a quick pound then these people will come along and spoil it for us.

I admit in having borrowed a pirate dvd to watch to kill my curoisity (excuse the spolling!) and while the picture was passable, it somewhat spolied it for me. No extras and sometimes jumping of the picture. The cover was the standard poor quality you would expect.

All I can say is this, if you see dodgy dvd's on ebay then report them. If you see them on the street, report them.
If you want great pictures and extras, then buy them from the shops, or CD WOW of course!


i bought the silence of the lambs criterion off ebay for £14. it said dts and dvd9 on the box so i thought it was a copy. when i picked the dts track on the menu my amp displayed dts! and i put it in my pc and it was over 7gig. how could this happen? i haven seen a dts criterion silence of the lambs anywhere.


Silence of The Lambs Korean edition is DTS, perhaps the seller somehow combined the DTS sound with the Criterion editions extras ?

Having said that the Criterion edition has a lousy picture quality compared to all the new releases, although it does have a fantastic commentary track.


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Well I think all this proves that the best place to buy DVDs is on AVForums classifieds! :D :clap: :thumbsup:


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I agree completely with you. I think I did say the scumbags who advertise R1 and are really selling R0 should be wiped out.

You are right again, if I had the option of buying an original DVD and R0 at the same price I would go for original.

But, then again I can spot a R0 DVD a hundred miles away not everyone can. If it is a lot cheaper I would go for it, but again I would ask a lot more specific questions to the seller before purchasing it - again not everyone does. Normally on ebay they do go for a higher price, but then again it's probably becuase they have not been officially released in the world or the UK which then gives the consumer a choice, albet one of them is illegal - but not striclty enforced !!!

Ebay can do a lot more, but I have said this before. It's probably not in their interest to do so. I report many adverts (sometimes 10-20 a day) where they advertise R1 or R2 DVD's where you can clearly see they are R0 DVD's.

I DONT report r0 advertised DVDs.

I have reported some adverts - the same ones more than once, but are not removed because the auction normally has ended by that time and has sold for a lot of money and ebay don't want to lose out on their whack !!! In theory they should still remove the advert even after the auction has ended and also re-imburse (unbelievably) all costs for that auction to the seller !!!

I should manage their anti-piracy division, if they have one, but I have a feeling they would lose a hell of a lot more than the salary they would be paying me.

What was I saying about greed and profit ?


I'm a little confused :confused:

Just bought Finding Nemo off our local eBay equivalent from some Chinese dude and the cover says 'Region 1 - DTS9'.
It is NTSC and has 3 asian language subtitles. The cover & disk are legit (FINDING NEMO L0 & L1 are engraved around the hole in the middle).
What have I bought?


I think not - the cover is offset printed, DVD label has embossed gold lettering and as I mentioned FINDING NEMO L0 & L1 is engraved? burnt? into the DVD much like a Microsoft hologram.
Let's see you do that for 10p mister!


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Hi Hentaiboy,

From what you have said it does sound like a pirate copy. As a matter of interest how much did you pay for it. If you bought it £10 not bad. If you paid under £7 that very good-there's your guide.

the 10p comment, well unless you want to go flying around the world to get it cheaper than don't bother replying to people like that.

If it's under a tenner and your very happy with the picture quality, good luck to you. If you had a PC with a DVD drive you could check out the attributes of the film. i.e aspect ratio, bit rate, size of contents, size of actual film, etc.

Personally £7 is my max limit if the quality is perfect and that's around the price I paid for one summer of last year - well, well before a release anywhere. So it didn't have many extras. Now that it has been officially released everywhere you might, just might be able to find an original for a tenner ?? In which case I'd go for an original as there is not much price difference.

There are many on ebay , just need to be selective in buying a R2 DVD. Some post they are R2 DVD's when in fact they are multi-region version. Most would not be the wiser as it would play in any machine anyway !! There would be a very small risk in those situations where the picture may appear Black & White or in the case of Playstations, may not play at all.


if it says region 1 but has asian languages, mate you've been ripped off.


don't you mean dvd9?

i would ask seller to refund your money and send it back to them.

also negative feedback and report to ebay also.

another fine example of this rouge trading on ebay.

good luck.


Hi AndyPandy (why am I picturing Benny Hill?),

I paid around £8 for the disk. Came in a proper case. Quality looks fine to me. I'm happy :)


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that's what counts.

£8 is not bad - bearing in mind how much copies are going on ebay and quality is unknown on them.

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