eBay : Harmon Kardon AVR8500, Is it any good?


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a friend of mine asked me about one of these on eBay at the mo (330111101596) and wanted to know if it's any good.


To be honest, the last time I had a good look at what was what with amps was many years ago when I purchased a Yamaha DSPAX1 and I can remember yamaha and denon getting all the kudos in those days but know little about Harmon Kardon and even less about this particular model.

Is this a good item? Is it up to date enough? What (approximately) would it's worth be on the Bay? Does anyone know anything much about HK stuff?

Any help appreciated as my friend wants to make sure that anything he bids on is worthwhile. He has an M&K v75 mk2 sub, a pair of Royds main speakers, a castle center and a pair of mission dipoles for rears if that's any help.



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I sold mine last year to go for the Yamaha Z9. The Z9 was better for AV but to be honest the 8500 was better with music. When I bought it i went inot Sevenoaks for a demo of the then Top of the line Pioneer and the then Denon 3805. They both sounded great... until the guy in the store told me he'd also wired up the 8500 for me to compare. There was no comparison - the 8500 ****** all over both of them.

The 8500 is just incredible with music and does a really good job with movies. I loved it to pieces and wonder whether I've really bettered it. With DVD Audio and SACD it's jaw dropping (if you're not into these then your life is incomplete)

Now the down side: it's strictly 5.1. If you wanted to go 7.1 you'd need to get a 2 channel power amp to link up to it (I had the HK PA2000). Having said that, you'd get one of those really cheap on the second hand market now. There's no HDMI of course. No iLink either so you're strictly analogue. This beast gets really hot so it needs plenty of space around it (top and sides) so don't think of slipping it into a cabinet with no air.

If it's a good price and been looked after, I'd go for it. I sold mine last year on the forum (including the PA2000) for a mere £600 if I remember correctly.

Hope this helps (I'm two days into setting up my new Denon AVC A1XVA and can't get any sound from the DVD source - so I need help myself!)



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Thanks Guys,
I've given your info to my mate and he's really excited. Can't blame him really because it looks like a £2,000 amp is gonna go for peanuts. Lucky bugger!:devil:

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