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has anyone ever had to change there registered email address on ebay.
can you tell me if this legit.

when i go onto the page to change my email details.i fill in all the changes and then go on to the next page.it then asks to fill in credit card details as proof of id(saying that the card will not be charged)this seems very strange to me as i have never had to give any payment details to join ebay(and to be honest i dont want to)can anyone tell me if this is correct.


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Sounds like a scam to me !!!!!!!!!

Try to log into ebay.com or ebay.de to see if the same happens.

If it doesn't change your password asap, also look at your changing your bank details etc,.


If you have replied to to an email by Ebay asking you to change your details for no apparent reason then its is most likely a scam. You could have already sent them your ebay and paypal passwords, and I would recommend changing the passwords immediately.


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nope havent replied to any email or anything

i am swapping isp's in the next few days and changing all my details to my new email addy

i have logged in under my details as normal gone to change my details and get a page to fill in once i have done this i then get asked for card details as id.

as this seemed strange i logged out went to ebay.co.uk started all over again and i get exacly the same process to carrry out.

i still havent filled any card details as it just seems dodgy.

just wondering if anyone else has changed there email and had the same thing.


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I have just changed ISP and did NOT have to give eBay any credit card details.

They just sent emails to my new and old addresses and I had to click links back to ebay to confirm everything.

They also put an alert on your ebay page for a month so that you could see that your account had been altered.


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how did you go about changing your details

this is what i have done

go to my ebay
click personal information
click edit next to registered email
it then asks for my password again to protect my account
it then has the page to enter your new email and asks to"please enter the verification code hidden in the image"
it the switches to a page to enter my credit card details the page says
"Change Your Email Address: Provide Identification"

Changing your email address is free. However, you'll need to place a credit card on file for identification
Your card will not be charged. Rest assured that your information is kept safe and private.

is this the same process apart from the credit card info


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ok i have found out that you do have to give credit card details if you want to use a hotmail email address if you use a isp's email its fine.(never thought of looking on the ebay forum)

the one thing if you are trying to do this is be careful
because when i am doing this all the certificates for the pages seem like ebay ones untill you get to the last credit card page then the certificates are for"arribada.ebay.com"which on google seems to say it is an ebay scam address.

all my spyware,adaware,antivirus are not picking anything up but it seems to direct me to this page.

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