Eat less meat to reduce climate change

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I’m not a vegetarian, but I’ve been seeing in the news that meat production is having a very significant impact on climate change.
Switching to a plant-based diet can help fight climate change, according to a major report by the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).



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Switching off the heating/aircon and not using electricity or fuel in vehicles could also lead to a big drop in climate change.
Will they be recommending that we all buy more clothing and walk to work.


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I bet my annual meat consumption is less CO2 than many peoples air flight holiday each year.

Anyway, already off-setting my meat with an electric car :D


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We had before vegan etc really kicked off started to have more veggie days doubt will ever be vegan only stuff. Its been a good things and veggie or vegan sausages and the like have improved greatly!
It does seem to have really taken off now though and can see is dropping if meat really is that bad etc.

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