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    EasyJet joining Content and Code at upcoming event: “Microsoft® SharePoint® Server 2007 – The Future of Enterprise Content Management” to present a case study of their intranet. The presentation will be delivered by Andy Caddy, Head of IT Services. Come and see EasyJet for yourself.

    “The easyJet vision for our intranet is of an information and collaboration platform that simplifies business. Having implemented Microsoft Office SharePoint Server we are changing the experience for every employee – we have found the little things make a huge difference to our employees; being able to book rooms, find people, exchange documents online is a huge benefit. Integrating information on our crew portal through MOSS 2007, will eventually lead to faster turnarounds of our planes resulting in direct bottom line results.”
    Andy Caddy, Head of IT Services, EasyJet

    London – UK – 25 October 2007 - Andy Caddy - Head of IT Services, EasyJet will join Content and Code to present key Microsoft® SharePoint® Server 2007 benefits. This event is FREE and will be held at the Microsoft London office on October 25th 2007, between 10am to 2pm.

    Content and Code built EasyJet's intranet using a SharePoint® 2007 platform. Easy Jet is ranked amongst the top three airlines in Europe, and although it is UK led, they have more staff in Europe than in the UK. EasyJet required an intranet that would provide them with a collaborative platform, connecting people around Europe effectively, as well as enabling both employees and customers to serve themselves. The new intranet allowed EasyJet to solve their key business challenge, document management, as well as provide them with features such as electronic forms, business process, records management, and business intelligence. The new EasyJet intranet unifies teams and resources, and allows them to do everyday tasks in their jobs with greater ease.

    This seminar is held in conjunction with PC-Ware, and unearths the future of enterprise content management, focusing on retail and manufacturing workplaces.

    Click here for more detail or to view the invitation.

    To reserve your FREE seat, please contact Kallia Mansour by email [email protected]ntandcode.com or by phone +44 (0)207 101 0926

    Please include the following in your email: company name, the name(s) of your attendee(s), their job titles and contact phone numbers. Please quote CODE02.

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