Easycap + ulead capture hangs after 6 minutes


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I've had the easycap for a couple of months and found that it worked OK with both and XP and an ME system. I've download and installed the latest drivers for both versions of Win.

However when I was finished with testing and went to capture longer tapes the video capture hangs after about 6 minutes, well usually between 5min 50 secs and 6min 30. This seems to be on both systems.

Any idea what the problem might be?

Thanks for any ideas


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wrong forum
Illl move it
However I don't rate easy cap much myself


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Thanks senu. Finger trouble, intended for this forum.

I've used pinnacle studio and its capture board but not happy with that either. What is the best (well cost effective) solution for the combination of vhs, video 8 and Hi 8 tapes I want to edit? Can't afford anything too expensive.

Thanks for advice - I'll now be off-live for the next week or so


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A settop DVD recorder would really be best .(or at least easiest)
I dont htink they cost that much and you can use them for other things ( I even use mine for MiniDV
I do have a digital 8 camcorder and Stnda lone boxex from Pinnacle and AVID
The problem with Easy cap is that it is not costly but can give grief with quality that would negate its low cost IMHO
ADVC products are excellent but may cost as much a a Settop recorder so a little thought is needed as to what you best be spending your money on
Dazzle is a low cost ( but better than easy cap) which gives mixed results

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