Easy way to swap a C: drive?


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Unfortunately the main boot hard drive C: in my HCPC is an old IBM drive that seems particulary noisy. I've added a recent model Maxtor as a secondary drive and it is a lot quieter! I tried the acoustic management feature, however this simply reduced the 'clicking' access noise rather than the constant background 'whine'.

What I'd like to do is replace the IBM drive with a Seagate Barracuda, however I'm not looking forward to starting from scratch and installing XP and everything else again, especially since my system has evolved over about 2 years without any reformatting (I know it might be full of junk, but it's still stable!)

Is there any 'easy' way of 'cloning' a current C: drive to a new one?

Are the Seagate drives still considered the quietest?



I think that just about any drive imaging software will clone a drive. Acronis True Image and Norton Ghost are two popular drive imaging packages.




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So is it as easy as ....

1. Boot from old drive with new drive connected to secondary
2. Run imaging software to clone old drive to new drive
3. Switch off
4. Connect new drive to primary
5. Boot up
6. Sell old drive!


Is the image guaranteed to be a perfect copy?

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Also most formatting software from the makers of the drive also have a clone option.


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Thanks for the help guys!

I didn't realise the manufacturers provided these kind of tools ...

With regards to my second question, are Seagate still the quietest drives?


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Searching further on here, it would seem a few people are recommending the Samsung Spinpoint drives ...

Has anyone done a Samsung vs Seagate quietness test?


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I've got a pair of Seagate 120gb drives in my shuttle running a mirror raid configuration... I can't even hear them!!!
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