Easy recording with Philips dtr500

Discussion in 'Satellite TV, Sky TV & FreeSat' started by VisionOn, Jun 7, 2005.

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    This may be a stupidly obvious question but bear with me. I've managed to convince my mother to upgrade to a simple Freeview setup and have managed to install a Philips DTR500.

    The catch is I had to install it over the phone using her hands because I live in the US at the moment. Not easy when your mother cannot tell the difference between the coax cable and the power cable. :rolleyes:

    After 4 hours of hair pulling and going through menus it's up and running except for the recording directly from the program guide. Easy recording is enabled and it's using twin SCART output. The problem I'm thinking is the VCR. It was good in it's day but the Panasonic NV-HD660 has been out for 7 years now. Anyone know if that's even capable of IPG recording? Would it specifically say in the manual if it was or would it also have some other designation relating to the feature? Has easy recording only been featured on more recent models?

    As I have been out of the UK component loop for a while this is new to me. Even though my mother is now using all my old equipment I forgotten how most of it works. Descriptions like "it's a blue triangle with a white squiggle" don't really jog my memory. :D

    Thanks for any help. It will save further hours of my head banging into the wall during my next telephone conversation.

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