Easy question - replacing a centre speaker


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Got my first seperates system about 6 weeks ago, Tannoy FX5.1 with a Yam 5630 receiver and will soon be adding a KEF PSW2000 sub to this.

However, the small centre satellite looks a little daft in the middle of the floor where it is placed (and juts in front of) my screen which is just a couple of inches from floor level.

I want to replace the centre with a 'proper' full sized channel - bearing in my the Tannoy's satellite is 6ohm and 100wpc, what spec/model should I be looking at for replacement? (ie. does the replacement have to be 6ohm or is 4/8 acceptable?). I'm guessing I want the 100wpc power at least (or closely) matched?

Thanks :)

Ian J

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More important than the impedance and power input of a proposed centre speaker is what it sounds like as it should be a tonal match for the front pair.


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Thanks Ian, so it's really just a 'suck it and see' type thing?

Tbh I'm no audio file (yet!) so is there anything suitable you know of on the market, the cheaper the better!

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